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THEATRE for ALL Learning is a learning program that allows you to directly experience the expressiveness of an artist and to feel and enjoy the work more. Through interaction with viewers from various positions, or with artists and experts, we will create a place of learning where you can discover new imaginations and perspectives.

Feel, think, try!
Phenotypic workshop

A place for creative challenges where you can directly learn from artists and experience expressions!

It stimulates the ability to think, feel and express not only the method but also the work and theme with the artist. We offer a variety of programs, from business trips to online, from children to adults. Let's experience various expressions such as theater, dance, music, crafts, poetry, sculpture, photographs, and videos!

Listen, talk and imagine!
Interactive workshop

Two interactive programs that you can experience only because of THEATRE for ALL

An online workshop that you can attend anytime, anywhere.

Miru Miru Seeing Tour ~ Workshop to listen to and talk about videos ~

People who can see and those who can't see the video together, listen to it, and talk to each other! This is a workshop where you can discover new ways of enjoying and understanding images and words from various perspectives.

Philosophy time ~ A place for dialogue to enjoy moyamoya ~

Moyamoya is a chance for new awareness! A philosophical dialogue workshop where everyone dares to stop and think slowly about questions that would pass by in their busy daily lives.

Ask questions and adventure to appreciate the work!
Explainer video "Two Qs"

Get to know the world of artists!

The commentary video "Two Qs" is a warm-up video of about 10 minutes with sign language interpreter and barrier-free Japanese subtitles. You can listen to the explanations of various artists and experts in very easy-to-understand words. Before or after watching! If you look at it, the world will expand.

Other learning activities / external collaboration

Facilitator School

THEATRE for ALL is "a technology that creates a place where various people can participate in dialogue and creation with peace of mind over questions that have no correct answer." We regularly hold schools to train facilitators who can plan and manage interactive workshops in which various people participate through learning and practicing accessibility know-how, thinking about its methodology, and appreciating art.

Collaboration with local communities and companies-Inclusive exchange and practice-

THEATRE for ALL Learning also works with companies, government agencies, educational institutions, welfare facilities, museums and theaters, and artists in residences nationwide. We will open a place for art and diverse exchanges outside, and create a place for learning while interacting with local communities and organizations. Please feel free to contact us for business cooperation and work consultation.