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The story of ten people and ten colors-The director who turns 90 this year and nine drag queens-

Beppu Bluebird Theater


A movie theater in a hot spring town run by a 90-year-old female director, and the nine drag queens who gather there, each with their own unique life story.

The Beppu Bluebird Theater, located in front of the station in Beppu City, Oita Prefecture, is a long-established movie theater that opened in 1949. Drag queens from all over the country come to support the annual film festival held here. The director, Teru Okamura, smiles as she welcomes them in gorgeous costumes and glittering make-up, and the drag queens, who will celebrate their 90th birthday in 2021, say that the theater is a "comfortable place to be. What is the reason for this?... The camera pointed at the drag queens soon reveals the inner lives of these women, who have various difficulties and reasons for living.

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What kind of place is comfortable for everyone to live? Learning from Beppu Bluebird Theater and Drag Queens for a Barrier-Free Mind!

Artist Profile

Beppu Bluebird Theater

The only movie theater in Beppu City, Oita Prefecture. Teru Okamura, the second owner of the museum, who has been the director for 50 years last year, will be 90 years old this year. Many filmmakers such as Sadao Abe, Kazuya Shiraishi, Junji Sakamoto, Yoko Maki, and Lily Franky participated in the Beppu Bluebird Film Festival, which started in 2017. Every year, drag queens dressed in gorgeous costumes and make-up rush to cheer from all over the country to liven up the festival.


Director: Moritajiri (Maho Morita / Taiki Tajiri from Beppu Bluebird Theater)
Performers: Teru Okamura, Dorian Lolobrigida, Nana Victoria, Niko London, Babrina, Pulp, Bourbonne, Baby Vaggy, Porimi, Resperanza (in alphabetical order)

Beppu Bluebird Ten People Ten Colors Film Festival
Organizer: Beppu Bluebird Film Festival Executive Committee
Co-sponsored by: Beppu Bluebird Theater / Zero
Cooperation: Beppu City / Beppu Bluebird Theater

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