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Deafblindness During the Pandemic

Takashi Nishihara


This is a sequel to "Living in Deafblindness," an urgent report on the blind and deaf victims of the Corona disaster, who had to avoid "density.

In the midst of the "three densities" being called for due to the Corona disaster, deaf-blind people who have secured communication through contact with others are now living. The film depicts the positive attitude of the deaf-blind people who live with their own disabilities.

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Message from artist / creator

Barrier-free access to culture and the arts for people with disabilities is essential for everyone to live equally and prosperously. In particular, this year is the year of the review of the Law for Elimination of Discrimination against Persons with Disabilities, and the government is about to take a major step toward making “reasonable accommodation” mandatory. (Tetsujiro Yamagami, Producer)

Artist Profile

Takashi Nishihara

Barrier-free efforts to allow people with disabilities to access culture and the arts are aimed at ensuring that all people can live equally and prosperously. He studied filmmaking at Waseda University, and his film “”Starting Over,”” released in 2002, was officially invited to more than 10 film festivals in Japan and abroad, including the Tokyo International Film Festival, where it received high acclaim. He is currently attracting attention as a director of TV documentaries.


Performers : Kenichi Koyama, Tomoko Kawaguchi, Shinichi Hashima, Satoshi Fukushima, Masatomo Yamashita

Interpreter/assistance : Hiromi Sato, Takako Niimura, Tamao Nagai, Kanae Hasumi, Atsumi Maeda, Emiko Miyamoto, Mana Watai

Coordinator : Naoyuki Okochi, Mari Morishita

Director/Editor : Koji Nishihara
Cinematography : Takanobu Kato
Sound Recording : Takuya Kawakami
Producer : Tetsujiro Yamagami

Hosted by : SIGLO

Cooperation : National Association of the Deafblind, Fukushima Laboratory, Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, University of Tokyo, Mimi Support Miyagi, Miyagi Information Center for the Deafblind

Barrier-free version and foreign language version produced by : Palabra

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