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Wisut Ponnimit


Wisut Pongnimit, known as Tam-kun, is an artist from Bangkok. He was strongly influenced by Japanese manga culture in his childhood, and became popular in his home country after his debut in 1998. Since studying in Kobe in 2003, he has been active in a wide range of activities in Japan, including illustration, participation in large-scale exhibitions, and collaboration with musicians. This work is an animated version of his early works. As the title "hesheit" suggests, the work depicts events that could happen to anyone in a gag manga style, but with a stylish and sometimes philosophical flavor.

©️2004 Wisut Ponnimit

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Screening time
41 minuets
Thai (language)
500yen(tax include) Viewing Period 240hours / 10days
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About Accessibility

Accessibility of this work

There are four accessibility options. Please switch between the tabs to view.
Thai audio with Japanese subtitles: Thai audio and Japanese subtitles for words spoken in Thai.
Thai audio with English subtitles: Thai audio with English subtitles.
Thai audio with Japanese subtitles
In addition to the Thai audio, the spoken words, and the speaker’s name, there are Japanese subtitles that show the main sound information, such as music and sound effects, and sign language interpretation. In addition to the subtitles, the sound information is also presented in the form of waveforms below the sign language interpreter.


Tam-kun has animated his debut novel himself, creating a unique screen composition with sign language, animation, and graphics that represent sound in the form of waveforms, once again creating a single expression. Also appearing in sign language will be Satoshi Ezoe, popular for his lectures, plays, TV and movie appearances!

Message from artist / creator

This collection of animations was originally presented in Thai audio with Japanese subtitles, but with the addition of sign language and Japanese audio version, we want to make it fresh and new not only for those who see it for first time, but also for those who have seen it before. We hope that many more people will be able to enjoy this unique world from a new perspective.

Artist Profile

Wisut Ponnimit

Wisut, sometimes known by his nickname Tum, born in 1976, is a Thai manga artist based in Bangkok. In 1998, he made his debut as manga artist in Thailand and in 2009, he received the Manga Encouragement Award in the Japan Media Art Festival for his manga “hesheit aqua.” Based in Bangkok, he is active in many fields. In addition to collaborating with Haruomi Hosono and Gen Hoshino at music events, he has also produced a promotional video for the band Kururi.


Animation: Wisut Ponnimit

Music: Wisut Ponnimit, Wannarit Pongprayoon、Siwanut Boonsripornchai

Voice Actor: Thai / Wisut Ponnimit, Vachiraporn Limviphuvadh, etc.

Japanese / Wisut Ponnimit, Vachiraporn Limviphuvadh

Sign Language Interpreters: Yuki Takemura, Satoshi Ezoe

Sign Language Supervisoes: Satoshi Ezoe, Asako Hirokawa

Sign Language Coordination: TA-net

Japanese Subtitles for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing Production: Palabra

Japanese Subtitles for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing Version Production: Palabra

Producer: Kazuhiro Kimura

Production Staff: Michiko Sakashita, Siriwan Atichatpongsuk, Takae Ooka, Hotaru Sato, Haruka Ito

Production: Maamaa Inc.

Free Illustration

Drawn by Wisut Ponnimit, the exclusive main visual and title list for this project are now available for free download from here!

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