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Related program of “Another Energy: 16 Women Artists from Around the World” at Mori Art Museum Human Begin: Asitananisl? Documentary film

Tomohiko Tsujimoto, Koharu Sugawara


Nine participants, aged between 16 and 22 and from different backgrounds, were selected from among many applicants to participate in "Art Camp for under 22 Vol. 7: Human Beginnings", in which they explored their "self" with dancer/choreographer Tomohiko Tsujimoto and Koharu Sugawara. Asitananisl?" The first time the event was held, the number of visitors was about 1,000. This documentary video records the process of creating a performance in a town operated by Mori Building, where images such as "masculinity" and "femininity," "urbanity" and "nature" intersect and are discussed with fellow performers. We invite you to view the intense time that each participant spent in the workshop, as they struggled to find their own unique expression. Why don't you come and explore what is your own identity?

※This project was carried out in an effort to ensure safe and secure operations by taking thorough measures to prevent infection with the new coronavirus.

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Art Dance Documentary Learning

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Artist Profile

Tomohiko Tsujimoto


He was the first Japanese male dancer to be hired by Cirque du Soleil and performed in 485 performances in 27 countries on the 2011-2014 “Michael Jackson The Immortal World Tour. He performed solo at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony. As a choreographer, he choreographed the Japanese version of Sia’s “Alive” music video for Taho Tsuchiya, and was in charge of music videos and live tours, including Yonezu Genji’s “Electric Shock”. He is also active as a top dancer and choreographer for many commercials, including Pocari Sweat and UQ Mobile, and is active internationally.

Koharu Sugawara


In 2010, he moved to the U.S., where his unique dance style was highly acclaimed and he built a career as a back-up dancer for top artists and became a highly respected dancer overseas as well. She is also expanding her activities as an actress, appearing in the 2019 NHK historical drama “Idaten”. To date, she has traveled to more than 35 countries, giving workshops and shows, and appearing in TV commercials, on the radio, and in fashion magazines.

Bunta Shimizu


As a stylist, he has worked since the age of 19 on tour costumes for Wednesday Campanella, styling for celebrities, TV and corporate advertising, and art direction for brands including Benetton. As a columnist, he has contributed to numerous media outlets, including So-en magazine, and will release his first album, “My Half Year,” in 2019. He is also active as an artist, stylist, and art director, providing music for video productions.

Hisatake Watanabe


Cinematographer and director of photography for film, advertising, and stage. Films he has shot include “VIDEOPHOBIA” and “TOURISM” (directed by Daisuke Miyazaki), and “Kingdom (or About That House)” (directed by Natsuka Kusano). His works for distribution include “Playtime” (directed by Tetsuya Umeda/Kunio Sugihara) for Theatre Cocoon and “Orestes and Pulades” (directed by Kunio Sugihara) for KAAT. He has collaborated with Tetsuya Umeda and Kohei Kobayashi on artists’ video works.

Yuji Hirayama


He discovered climbing at the age of 15 and became a top climber in Japan as a young teenager. He then moved to France and has been active as a top climber in Europe for more than 30 years. In 1998, he became the first Japanese to win the World Cup and climb to the top of the world, and in 2000, his second overall World Cup win, he was ranked number one for the year. He has achieved many brilliant results over the years, including the Salaterut One-Day Free in Yosemite, the sacred climbing ground of the U.S., the Wahoit Zombie in Spain, and in 2008, the then world record on the Nose Route Speed Asscent in Yosemite, U.S.A. In 2010, he was awarded the He established Climb Park Base Camp, a climbing gym, which has been a dream of his for many years. In recent years, he has been commentating at World Cup events, and also works on the rehabilitation and development of rock outcrops in Japan.


Cast:Chika Nagata, Mio Kasuya, Mizuki Kaneko, Anka Kikuchi, Sai Kigoshi, Kazuhiro Tashiro, Shion Nakamura, Hikaru Hirayama, Kanna Momose
Cast: Tomohiko Tsujimoto 
Cast: Koharu Sugawara
Video and Photography: Hisatake Watanabe
Costume and music supervisor: Bunta Shimizu
Technical Supervisor: Takashi Kawachi
Sound recording and sound conditioning : Raku Nakahara (Luftzug)
Artist Assistant : Ai Kodama
Assistant to Costume Supervisor:Assei Fukushi
Recording Assistant: Ken Inarimori

Workshop Instructor: Yuji Hirayama

Photographs: Tatsuyuki Tayama, Tetsuro Hayashi, Mumin

Barrier-free Japanese subtitles : Tomoe Sakamoto (Bunori Kobo)
English subtitles: Yume Morimoto (Art Translators Collective)

Mori Art Museum
Associate Learning Curator: Eiyo Shiraki
Learning Leader: Sumika Takashima
Learning Leader: Masumi Okada
Associate Learning Coordinator: Kayoko Yokoyama
Associate Learning Coordinator: Mariko Hirota

Mori Building Co. 
Town Management Division Leader: Maiko Toda

precog, Inc.
Producer: Akane Nakamura
Senior Producer: Kumi Hiraoka
Production Manager: Mizuki Tazawa
Production Desk Chief: Tamiko Kiki
Production Desk: Hitomi Sato
Barrier-free coordination: Mai Hyodo
Barrier-free production: Yuka Yatsu
Chief Administrator: Yuka Morita
SNS PR: Junko Miyazaki

*The shinyou of “Tsuji󠄀” is indicated by one dot.

Organizers: precog inc., Mori Art Museum, Mori Building Co.
Planning: PRECOG Inc., Mori Building Co.
In cooperation with: The Nippon Foundation DIVERSITY IN THE ARTS
Grant : The Nippon Foundation
Cooperation: Climb Park Base Camp

This work is a project supported by the Arts Council Tokyo’s TTF grant from the Foundation for History, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, and by the Mori Art Museum’s “Another Energy: The Power to Continue to Challenge: 16 Women Artists from Around the World” related program: (1) “Meet the Artists,” Takayuki Yamamoto (2) “Art Camp for under 22 Vol. 7 Human Beginnings: Asitananisl? (2) “Art Camp for under 22 Vol. 7: Human Beginnings: Asitananisl?


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