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Kalanchoe flower

Shun Nakagawa


In recent years, "LGBT" has become a social issue that has been widely covered in the international media.

While many films have been released both in Japan and abroad that depict the love lives and situations of LGBT people, this is a film with an unprecedented perspective that focuses on the "people around them" and depicts the people who are at the mercy of their excessive consideration. The film has won 13 awards, including 6 Grand Prix awards at domestic film festivals. Another highlight of the film is that it stars Mio Imada, who is currently attracting a lot of attention as a young actress, and her fresh performance portrays the emotional movements of a life-sized high school girl.

A high school class of second-year students. One day, a class of high school sophomores is suddenly given a lesson on LGBT issues.
One day, a class of second-year high school students suddenly have a class on LGBT issues, but other classes don't, and the students begin to have doubts.
"Isn't there an LGBT person in our class?"
The ripples spread through the students' daily lives...
What is the result of the adolescent's emotional conflict?

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Basic information of the work

Screening time
39 minuets
500yen(tax include) Viewing Period 240hours / 10days
1,800 yen (tax included) / month
30,000 yen (tax included) / year * Other benefits are available

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The subtitles were produced by the Fukuoka volunteer group “Barrier-free Theater Aiming”.

Message from artist / creator

We hope that as many people as possible will see this work and think about it with us.

Artist Profiles

Shun Nakagawa

Born in Ishikawa Prefecture in 1987. Lives in Tokyo.

After graduating from university, worked at an event production company. After that, he became independent and studied filmmaking at the New Cinema Workshop while working as an event director. Currently working as a freelance event / video director. Directed works are “time”, “death with dignity”, “Kalanchoe flower”, and “UNIFORM”.


Cast: Mio Imada, Chihiro Nagase, Sho Kasamatsu, Makoto Sutou, Arisa, Haruna Hori, Miyuu Teshima, Michiyo Ishimoto, Ayaka Yamagami, Kensei Furuyama, Satoshi Iwago
Planning: Yuji Kisa, Tetsuya Shibata, Shun Nakagawa
Producer: Atsushi Yamano, Yuji Kisa
Photo: Hironori Ito
Recording supervision: Toshihide Harita
Recording: Tatsuya Uchida
Assistant Director: Tetsuya Shibata
Assistant Director: Hitomi Wachi
Lighting Assistant: Takahiro Hirayama
Recording Assistant: Hatsuna Sato
Produced by: Misaki Totsuka
Hair Make: CHimuu Yayoi CB
Sound adjustment: Fancy Sound Development Bureau
Still photography: Toshiyuki Udagawa
Flyer design: Ayuko Kuwata
Cooperation: Ibaraki Prefectural Naka High School, Ibaraki Kotsu Co., Ltd., Mito City Mito Charm Dissemination Division, New Cinema Workshop
Distribution: SDP Co., Ltd.
Production: Nakagawa group

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