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【SERVICE ENDED】Letter to Vincent

Laetitia carton


Sign language was banned in many countries for 130 years until it was adopted at the Second International Congress on Education of the Deaf in Milan in 1880, and taken up at the 21st International Congress on Education of the Deaf held in Vancouver in 2010. Like the children who are taught how to speak in Nicolas Philibert's 1992 film "In a World Without Sound," Deaf people have been expected to "speak," but isn't this a reflection of the values of the hearing people? "Isn't this a reflection of the values of the deaf? Isn't there a way to respect the culture and way of life of the deaf? This is a documentary full of quiet power, written by a brilliant French writer, Laetitia Carton, as a video letter to her deaf friend, Vincent, who passed away 10 years ago.

Basic information of the work

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112 minuets
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Accessibility of this work

Barrier-free subtitles for the hearing impaired are available, which include the name of the speaker, the words being spoken, and the main sound information such as music and sound effects in text.

Artist Profile

Laetitia carton

Born in 1974. Born in Vichy, France. While working at For La Montagne and exhibiting contemporary art works, he encountered documentary filmmaking at the art school in Lyon, where he enrolled as a bachelor. His feature-length documentary “Edmond, un portait de Baudoin” has been screened at film festivals abroad and won various awards, including the Grand Prix.


Director, Photography: Letitia Carton
Editor: Rodolphe Mora
Music : Camille