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Mahiru no hoshi

Makoto Sato


Through the art activities of people with intellectual disabilities at the Suzukake Workshop in Kobe, Kobo-e in Hiratsuka, and the Shigaraki Youth Dormitory in Shigaraki, Sato Makoto, director of "Living in Aga," gets to the bottom of artistic expression.

【The seven artists who appear in the film are also people with mental disabilities.】
Looking at the creative activities of these seven artists and the fragments of their lives that support them, we begin to get a glimpse of what art looks like. As we travel through the world of these seven artists, the film slowly sets us free. While traveling through the world of the seven artists, the film slowly becomes free...

【The film is a journey through the world of seven artists.】
The film is directed by Sato Makoto, an internationally acclaimed documentary filmmaker whose works include Living in Aga. Painter Seizo Tajima serves as cinematographer, and the film approaches the whole picture of "art" that transcends "art for the disabled.

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Accessibility of this work

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Audio guide & Barrier-free Japanese subtitles: Audio guide narrating visual information such as scenes and movements of people and Japanese subtitles that show the main sound information such as music and sound effects in addition to the words being spoken and the name of the speaker.


Artist Profile

Makoto Sato

Born in Hirosaki City, Aomori Prefecture in 1957.
Graduated from the Department of Philosophy, Faculty of Letters, University of Tokyo.
In 1985, became an assistant director under Yoichi Kagami. Later became freelance and worked on many PR films and TV programs.
Established Kasama Film Co. in 1996.
Senior lecturer at The Film School of Tokyo. Professor at Kyoto University of Art and Design.
In 2002, he stayed in London, England for one year as an overseas researcher sponsored by the Agency for Cultural Affairs.


Production: “Mahiru no Hoshi” Production Committee
Director: Sato Makoto
Production: Tetsujiro Yamagami / Shojiro Sho
Photography: Otsu Koshiro
Director of Photography: Seizo Tajima
Sound Mixer: Kubota Yukio

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