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Momo Taro continued



This video work, presented as part of the "Hibiki no Mori Kids Remote Program" at the Bunkyo Civic Hall, imagines the continuation of an old tale and transforms it into a play.
As the title suggests, Momotaro's Continuation is a story about Momotaro after he returns from Onigashima.
The story is about Momotaro's return from Onigashima, where he meets some unique characters that are different from the original story, such as the demon mother who becomes a monster parent and tries to file a civil suit, and Momotaro and his group who visit Onigashima again to say "I'm sorry.

I created this film with the hope that the audience will feel a little kinder to humanity after watching this film, seeing how people who are enemies or allies, or who cannot understand each other, still laugh together.

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Screening time
31 minuets
1,800 yen (tax included) / month
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Accessibility of this work

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Original: Original version of the film

Barrier-free Japanese subtitles: In addition to the words being spoken and the name of the speaker, the subtitles include the main sound information such as music and sound effects.

Artist Profile


By looking closely at the boundary between reality and narrative, and by going back and forth between the two, I question where they are.
His narrative creations start from the subject of his interest each time, such as life and death, sensation and language, collective society, family, etc., and aim farther to access universal “questions.
Her work has attracted attention not only from Japan but also from other Asian countries, and she has performed and co-produced many pieces overseas.
She won the Best Screenplay Award and the Best Work Award at the Bangkok Theatre Festival 2014 for “Yojo X”.

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Writer/Director: Suguru Yamamoto
Cast: Yukira Nomoto, Kan Fukuhara, Yuri Nakaya

Cooperation of photography and editing: Takechinugu
Visuals:Kazuki Takakura
Composition (Rap, He’s coming): Kan Fukuhara
Sound, lighting and video: Suguru Yamamoto
Costume design by Rie Usui (Momonga Complex)
Equipment/setting: Yukira Nomoto, Kan Fukuhara, Yuri Nakaya, Chiyori Fujii, Momo Sakamoto, Suguru Yamamoto
Props production/production: Chiyori Fujii
Producer: Momo Sakamoto

Accessibility coordination: THEATRE for ALL (precog Inc.)
Barrier-free subtitle production:Palabra Inc.
Barrier-free sponsor: precog Inc.

Cooperation: Morishita Studio Prissima
   Momonga Complex Rika Nishiyama
Grant: The Saison Foundation (Suguru Yamamoto Fellow)
Planning and production: HANCHU YUEI, LLC

Video Production: Bunkyo Civic Hall (Bunkyo Academy)

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