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Momochi’s World #6 “Sabaku Umi

Pink Underground Man #3


Momochi's World" is a series of works by Pink Underground Man No. 3, who has presented works related to "sound" in the past. "Sabakuumi," the sixth in the series, is an ambitious work that uses Japanese sign language as the first online theater. This voice play, centered on a couple whose world was changed when they encountered the "visible voice" of sign language, explores a number of aspects of participation, including those who can hear and those who cannot, those who are suppressed by society and those who unconsciously join the side of society, the meaning of being a participant, fiction and reality, and even gender. It is a work of overwhelming concentration.

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Basic information of the work

Screening time
63 minuets
900yen(tax include) Viewing Period 240hours / 10days
1,800 yen (tax included) / month
30,000 yen (tax included) / year * Other benefits are available
Delivery deadline
There is no plan to end the distribution.

Accessibility of this work

  • Audio guide
  • Sign language
  • Barrier-free subtitles
  • Subtitles
  • Multilingual
  • Dubbing
  • Artist’s original barrier-free version
  • Non-verbal

About Accessibility

Accessibility of this work

This work uses Japanese-supported sign language.
Japanese subtitles will be provided for the tabs “Oral Language Only” and “Sign Language + Oral Language”.
Japanese subtitles will be provided for the tabs “Sign Language Only” and “Sign Language + Sign Language.
For production reasons, this film is presented in [spoken language only], [sign language + spoken language], and [sign language only].

Message from artist / creator

I have presented a number of works with a strong focus on “sound”.

I think I even took pride in being a professional when it came to the “sound” of theater.

However, all of this was erased when I happened to meet people from the Deaf culture.

I am ashamed that I never considered the possibility that there might be deaf people sitting in the audience.

All I’ve done is make plays where you can hear the sound.

So I wanted to make a play where I could see the sound, and that’s how “Sabakuumi” came to be.

This play uses Japanese sign language, but the next play will use Japanese sign language and is being produced with deaf actors.

I think you will enjoy it as a stepping stone to the next film.

We hope you will enjoy it.

Artist Profile

Pink Underground Man No.3

Playwright/director. Graduated from Doshisha University, Department of Aesthetics and Arts, Faculty of Letters. In 2018, he won the Grand Prize of the 6th Sendai Short Play Award for “My Hero,” and in 2019, he won the 24th Playwrights’ Association of Japan New Playwrights Award for “An Angel Sleeps in My Collarbone. In 2020, he received an honorable mention in the 27th OMS Drama Award sponsored by Osaka Gas for “Kanzaki.


[Appearance] Eiko Takahashi

Eimiko Takahashi

Kanako Notani

Hiroaki Hashimoto


Creation/Direction|Pink Underground Man No.3

Photography/Editing|Hiroki Tanigawa

Photography cooperation|mtakeda/Shogo Yamazaki(junksharp)

Stage Manager|Kakko Ono

Stage Design|Kyutaro (Anahaim Factory)

Lighting| Suzumi Hayashi

Sound|Yasuyo Morinaga

Music|Ryushin Aizawa

Drama cooperation| Keiko Oniwa

Sign language cooperation|Kenichiro Kasai

Publicity art|chanmi

Production|Neo Akitsu (Neo Pak)

Theater|in→dependent theatre 1st

Planning and production|Momochi no sekai

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