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Aokid x Connering Study


Aokid began collaborating with Connecting Studies, a company that develops learning programs for parents and children, in 2019. using not only dance, but also rap, song, video and object-based performances as teaching materials, we held workshops with children to trace the movements of Aokid.
Especially in 2020, we experienced the connection within the screen. In the midst of all this, this work was born.

Set in a former movie theater, it was like a dance, but not like a dance, like a body, but not like a body. Using a screen and light, images of rap music, mirror balls, the city, rocks, plants, guitars, dance, stairs, and the universe shifted one after another, as if Aokid had turned his mind upside down.
Enjoy 30 minutes of playfulness.

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Basic information of the work

Screening time
37 minuets
Delivery deadline
16:52:21 31/03/2022 Note: If you wish to rent a movie or apply for a paid membership, please be sure to confirm the end date of the distribution of the movie before you make your purchase. Please note that it takes a few days to confirm payment, especially when paying by bank transfer, and depending on the procedure, the delivery period may end and you may not be able to watch the movie.

Accessibility of this work

  • Audio guide
  • Sign language
  • Barrier-free subtitles
  • Subtitles
  • Multilingual
  • Dubbing
  • Artist’s original barrier-free version
  • Non-verbal

About Accessibility

Accessibility of this work

There are two barrier-free videos available. Please switch tabs to view them.

Original: Original version of the film

Barrier-free Japanese subtitles (original by the artist): Main sound information such as spoken words, music, sound effects, etc. is written in text, and Aokid’s words are occasionally inserted into the original subtitles.


Message from artist / creator

There is only one character.
He explores the cave with various items.
He seems to be searching for something, and he seems to be drawing.
The traces are not left on the screen in the form of scratch marks.
Because the screen keeps moving (like an immortal monster!)


When I’m exploring, I’m following a series of images.
The light keeps changing on the screen, and you don’t die.
Anyway, by sniffing out the images and exploring them, I’m sure I’ll get some small explorations.
Lots of images, strong images, and the ability to take action to keep stepping forward.


Add up the circles, the triangles, and the squares!

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Artist Profile


Born in Tokyo in 1988. I started breakdancing in junior high school, and after participating in the world competition Battle Of The Year 2008, I changed my field of activity and started working as a contemporary dancer and artist. He has been involved in various projects such as Aokid City Project (2012), which was based on the concept of “creating an imaginary city,” and Doubutsuen Project (2016-), in which he moved around the park with artists from various fields while watching and participating in presentations. (2016-). Currently, in addition to presenting my own stage works and solo exhibitions, I continue to explore and create proposals that question the way forms are taken for granted by holding workshops, performances and presentations at the same time and devising ways to create platforms and gatherings.

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Cast, Direction, Art: Aokid
Photography/Editor: Shota Nakajima
Lighting: Yoshioka Ken
Recording: Eriko Wakamatsu
Art cooperation: Yamakawa Riku

Project Manager: Yuika Kurita, Emi Mizuno (Precog Inc.)

Venue cooperation: Former movie theater (Delicious Company Co., Ltd.)


Planning and organizing: Yamabuki Factory / Connering Study


Production: precog Inc.
Director: Akane Nakamura
Chief Producer: Tamiko Ouki (Artist Division), Mai Hyodo (Barrier-Free Communication Division)
Chief Administrator: Yuka Morita
Public Relations Desk: Asumi Kitahori, Mirai Tainaka


Barrier-free Japanese subtitles

Production: Aokid, precog Inc.
Cooperation: Palabra Inc.


Supported by: The Saison Foundation

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