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Dance New Air 2020->21『n o w h e r e 』

Ema Yuasa


Ema Yuasa, a dancer and choreographer who has woven various border issues into her own expression, has created a video of a performance based on the theme of "nowhere" and "now here".

The video work "n o w h e r e", which was presented at the Tokyo dance festival "Dance New Air 2020->21" in December 2020 and won the Japan Dance Forum Award, was remade for THEATRE for ALL from the artist's original perspective to reach people with visual, auditory, mental, developmental and other disabilities.

Photo ©︎Yulia Skogoreva

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Basic information of the work

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Accessibility of this work

  • Audio guide
  • Sign language
  • Barrier-free subtitles
  • Subtitles
  • Multilingual
  • Dubbing
  • Artist’s original barrier-free version
  • Non-verbal

Narration + Japanese subtitles: Unlike most audio guides, this one has a narration from the author’s point of view, describing the scene and the emotions of the characters, as well as subtitles with the spoken words or the names of the speakers and the words they are saying in written form. English subtitles: English subtitles are provided for the spoken language or the name of the speaker and the words spoken. Please switch tabs to view. You can download the following visual information support materials that transcribe all the textual information including the narration and subtitle portions. Please use it if you would like to see the textual information.

Japanese_Visual Information Support Document (PDF)

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Message from artist / creator

Artist's thoughts on accessibility

What is barrier-free and what kind of barriers do I have? In the process of creating this video work, I realized how stubbornly I had not expanded the accessibility of the work, and I was able to reconstruct it by imagining various viewpoints of the viewers. I hope that viewers will be able to see and feel the work from different perspectives from my own, not to mention the content of the work. I realized once again that because each person is different, the world we see can be expanded by engaging with others.

Ema Yuasa

About the work

The year 2020 is etched in my memory.

All the things I felt in these unprecedented days are vivid, and for me they are special realizations with a mixture of bitterness and love, but all things will one day fade into the haze. Just as the excitement of seeing the stars in the sky will not last forever. By peering into Mariko’s very different “now” even though it was the same time, I became aware that there is a microcosm of “now” as many times as there are people passing by. From the perspective of the great flow of time in the universe, our “now” with our bodies is a moment as small as dust, and we are always looking away from the fleeting “now” that will never return until one day it returns to particles and returns to the void of the universe.

If only we could gaze upon this time that is only here and now.

Ema Yuasa

In the year 2020, social conditions changed drastically, but the most significant change for me was the change in my body: pregnancy. Doctors tell me to take folic acid, iron, and collect pieces of the world in my body. Aging, pregnancy, and the body, which is changing without warning, seems to be trying to maintain a great harmony by continuing to change. Standing among the stars in this way, I realize that I am part of the universe, but does the universe also continue to change its shape? Unpredictable things are sometimes difficult to accept in a world that demands certainty. I am grateful to be present today, in this space, at a time of change that holds both risk and possibility.

Mariko Kakizaki

Artist Profile

Ema Yuasa

Dancer and choreographer living in the Netherlands. She has been a member of Netherlands Dance Theatre for 11 years, a leading company in the European contemporary dance scene, and has danced works by world-class choreographers such as Jiri Kylian, William Forsythe, Mats Ek, Crystal Pite, etc. In 2016, she became a freelance dancer and choreographer. In 2016, she became a freelance dancer and has performed in numerous opera and theater productions with Sasha Waltz, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Damien Jalet/Kohei Nawa, Tomoko Mukaiyama, Toshiki Okada, and others. On her own, she has established the XHIASMA project, a collaboration platform with various artists, and is active in a wide range of activities in Japan and abroad beyond genres.

He received the 13th Japan Dance Forum Award in 2019. For “n o w h e r e,” he was again awarded the 15th Japan Dance Forum Prize.


Barrier-Free Delivery Platform Project for the Agency for Cultural Affairs’ Arts and Cultural Profitability Enhancement Project


Dance New Air 2020->21 “n o w h e r e
Direction/Ema Yuasa
Performed by Mariko Kakizaki, Ema Yuasa
Space Production / Takayuki Ohira
Music Arrangement : world’s end girlfriend
Narration by Ema Yuasa
Video / Ema Yuasa, Yutaka Endo (LUFTZUG), Takayuki Ohira
Stage Manager/ Yoshiko Haraguchi
Visual Effects/ Tomoya Kishimoto
Lighting/Hiroaki Tashiro (DOTWORKS)
Sound/ Atsushi Ukitake (Story Lane Co., Ltd.)
Direction / Tetsushi Ono
Mega Star Operators (Ohira Tech Ltd.) / Haruka Tanaka, Yoshiyuki Fukushima
Documentary video/ Daikyuki Yamashiro, Ryohei Tomita
Video editing assistance / Chiai Yamamoto 
Advertising art/Hirohisa Ota
Documentary Photography/Yulia Skogoreva
Website by Masahiro Osuga
English subtitle supervision: Nozomi Abe


“Adagio assai” by world’s end girlfriend (original by Maurice Ravel)
“Pavane” by world’s end girlfriend (original by Maurice Ravel)
“We Are the Massacre” by world’s end girlfriend
“Earth Odyssey” by Asaf Avidan


Dance New Air
Chief Producer / Maki Miyakubo
Producer/Kumi Hiraoka
Supervisor/ Hiroyuki Kobayashi (Spiral), Shinji Ono
Production / Kanako Iwanaka, Eri Fujita
Tickets/Mai Takizawa
On-site Management/Marina Yamaguchi, Momoko Yamashita, Kinyo Mukaibo
Spiral Hall / Takaya Hirosawa, Shigetoshi Fujimoto, Shuichi Nomura, Ayaka Hayami, Junpei Okamura
Ayaka Miyaji (Lighting), Yukihide Otsuka (Lighting), Tatsuya Koyama (Stage Organization), Kunitomo Takahashi (Stage Organization)


Organizers: Dance New Air Executive Committee, Wacoal Art Center Inc.
Co-sponsored by Minato City (Minato City Cultural Program FY 2020)
Cooperation: Dance Base Yokohama
Special Thanks: LUFTZUG, world’s end girlfriend, Design and Creative Center Kobe (KIITO), Kinosaki International Art Center (Toyooka, Japan), Xhiasma Executive Committee, Studio Architants

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