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Shimanto Life’s End

Masayuki Mizobuchi


Shimanto City, Kochi Prefecture, where the great river Shimanto flows through. The film follows the daily life of a doctor who lives with nature and cares for the "life" of people and nature.

Shimanto City in Kochi Prefecture, where the great river Shimanto flows through the center of the city. People live with the river, receiving its benefits and sometimes threats. Dr. Nozomu Ogasawara is a physician who supports the people of the Shimanto River basin in terms of medical care. His clinic is visited by many people from early in the morning. He gently talks to each of them, listens to their stories, and tries to see them.
For those who cannot come to the clinic or their families, he makes house calls to their homes or facilities. Rather than treating the disease, he sees and listens to the patient as a whole, including the patient's family. This film follows the daily life of Ms. Nozomi Ogasawara, who stays close to the "life" of people and nature in the basin of the great river Shimanto.

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Accessibility of this work

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Message from artist / creator

Convenience, affluence, and happiness.
Can a comfortable living environment and material fulfillment make a person happy?
Baba Masanori, who was in charge of the subtitle translation of this film, translated “The End of Life” as “THE PEACEFUL DEATH”. I can’t help but think that this is one solution to this grand theme.

Artist Profile

Director: Masayuki Mizobuchi

Born in Fukuoka and raised in Osaka and Nara. After dropping out of college, he worked for an evening newspaper in Osaka before entering the field of video production, and has directed numerous films since 1990, including commercials, corporate PR videos, educational films, and TV programs.


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