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“SHOKI-Zhong Kui-“

Yoshihiro Fujita x Masuda City Iwami Kagura Kagura Kagura Kai


This is a creative performance of Iwami Kagura, a traditional performing art in western Shimane Prefecture, and contemporary dance. The play "Shoki" refers to a deity who appeared in the dreams of Emperor Xuanzong of Tang Dynasty, and is said to have exorcised evil spirits and healed diseases. In this production, dancer/choreographer Yoshihiro Fujita directs "Shoki", one of the most popular performances of Iwami Kagura. With modern motifs sprinkled throughout, the stage will be even more festive now that the Corona disaster is upon us, with the dance featuring many highlights, from solo to group dances, and the powerful dances and music of the Iwami Kagura Shinwa-kai of Masuda City.

©Hajime Fukuma

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63 minutes
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There is no plan to end the distribution.

Accessibility of this work

  • Audio guide
  • Sign language
  • Barrier-free subtitles
  • Subtitles
  • Multilingual
  • Dubbing
  • Artist’s original barrier-free version
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About Accessibility

Accessibility of this work

n addition to the original video, we have prepared four barrier-free videos. Please switch the tabs to view them.
Barrier-free Japanese subtitles (modern translation): The words spoken on stage, or the speaker’s name and the words spoken, are translated into modern Japanese, and the main sound information, such as music and sound effects, are written.
In addition, the main sound information such as music and sound effects are written.
In addition, the main sound information such as music and sound effects are written.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


You will be able to enjoy the works performed in the ancient language both in the ancient language and with subtitles translated into modern language.

Message from artist / creator

The theater is located in western Shimane Prefecture, where the birthrate is dwindling and the population is aging and declining. There are also many guests who have difficulty visiting the theater and watching shows in the theater. Based on the regional circumstances, we hope to deliver arts and culture in a more equitable manner by making subtitles for the production video. Furthermore, we aim for a barrier-free facility complete with video production to enable the audience to experience and enjoy the charm of the traditional performing arts preserved in the region as well as the theater’s original productions be it abroad or in urban areas.

Artist Profile

Yoshihiro Fujita

A choreographer, director, and dancer, whose expertise is physical expression-intensive stories with no dialogue and collaboration with different genres melding with his flexible ideas. He is the director of a performance group CAT-A-TAC, and a member of a dance company, Condors. He won “New Artist Award” in the dance category of the 72nd the Agency for Cultural Affairs National Arts Festival.

Masuda City Iwami Kagura Shinwa-kai

The association comprises 12 kagura groups in Masuda City, Shimane Prefecture, and strives to preserve and develop Iwami Kagura and to train its successors. The performances are presented by the junior group whose core members are younger performers.


Directed by: Yoshihiro Fujita
Yoshihiro Fujita and Masuda City Iwami Kagura Shinwa-kai Junior Group
Performance adviser and kagura choreography supervisor: Yuisuke Kanda (Kushiro Kagura Group)
Junior group leader: Motoki Hamasaki
PProduction and stage technology: Iwami Art Theater
Production cooperation: Mayumi Yamaoka (CAT-A-TAC)

Organizer: Shimane Prefecture, Culture Foundation of Shimane Prefecture(Shimane Civic Center, Iwami Art Theater)
Subsidized by: Japan Foundation for Regional Art-Activities

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