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True Colors FASHION Documentary Video “Dialogue Clothes” -Conflict with 6 Pairs of “Party”-

Director: Hiroki Kawai


"Koko no Gakko"" is a private school that has been producing up-and-coming fashion designers. In this film, six designers selected from the school are taking on the challenge of creating a work of art. The models are six people with different body types, physical characteristics, and social backgrounds. Both parties involved in the project engage in a series of dialogues, and despite the occasional conflicts, they proceed to create clothes that they have never experienced before. Directed by Hiroki Kawai of ""The Beginning of a Song. The climax scene features photography and composition by LILY SHU and music by Shuta Hasunuma.
""The role of fashion design is to expand various personalities and ways of life, and to express a new image of humanity. The role of fashion design is to expand various personalities and ways of life, and to express a new image of humanity. I have witnessed an image of humanity that I have never experienced before.

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Basic information of the work

Screening time
84 minuets
1,800 yen (tax included) / month
30,000 yen (tax included) / year * Other benefits are available
This work is available only to paid members.
Delivery deadline
There is no plan to end the distribution.

Accessibility of this work

  • Audio guide
  • Sign language
  • Barrier-free subtitles
  • Subtitles
  • Multilingual
  • Dubbing
  • Artist’s original barrier-free version
  • Non-verbal

About Accessibility

Accessibility of this work

Three barrier-free videos are available. Please switch the tabs to view them.
For those who are blind or have difficulty seeing, the narration provides visual information such as scenes and movements of people.
Barrier-free Japanese subtitles: In addition to the words being spoken and the name of the speaker, the main sound information, such as music and sound effects, will be displayed in written form.
Barrier-free English subtitles: In addition to the words being spoken and the speaker’s name, these subtitles include music, sound effects, and other main sound information in written English.
In order for English-speaking viewers to understand the expressions of the audio guide and barrier-free English subtitles, English audio guide is incorporated in some parts of the movie. Also, in the “Original” tab, audio guide and barrier-free Japanese subtitles are included in some parts of the movie so that able-bodied viewers can understand the expressions of the audio guide and barrier-free subtitles.


The climax scene, which introduces the six completed works, is directed by Hiroki Kawai, with photography and composition by LILY SHU, and music by Shuta Hasunuma, and proposes a form of accessibility devised by the artists. Two versions of the film, one with audio guide and barrier-free subtitles, and one without, will be played repeatedly, so please compare them to experience the different expressions.

Message from artist / creator

Exercising the imagination of the perception of others, who may hear, see, and resonate differently than you, is a great expansion of the world for everyone. This work is a documentary that thinks about dialogue with the parties throughout the whole story, but in the final scene, we will also challenge communication with an approach that transcends words. The horizon that you can open up by feeling your neighbors and superimposing your own stories should show you a landscape that you cannot reach by yourself. (Kao Kanamori)

Artist Profile


The school was founded by Yoshikazu Yamagata in 2008 as a school to learn the essence of fashion. The school held classes in collaboration with the Fashion Department of Central Saint Martins in 2014 for the first time in Japan. In 2019, Yamagata was selected for the BOF 500 curated by Business of fashion. He has produced many designers and artists who are successfully working today.

Hiroki Kawai

He has been producing independent films since he was a student. After the 3.11 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, he focused to film musicians, performers and other expressionists to create an archive of “videography” that goes beyond documentation. Occasionally, he has released the works as documentary films. He is active in all aspects of video production, mainly shooting live performances and events. In 2016, he directed and released in BD/DVD format his first live-performance film “Soldier A”, featuring Tabito Nanao as a self-defense official killed in action. In 2017, he adapted into a film the performance of “Korvatunturi,” the first collaboration between Ameya Norimizu and Yamashita Sumito. His latest film, “Uta no Hajimari (A Beginning of a Song)”, a documentary about a deaf photographer Harumichi Saito, has premiered nationwide in 2020. Uta no Hajimari Official Website

Attempt to convey fashion to various senses through accessibility

We wanted the viewer to use their five senses to feel the garment as more than a visual experience. To do so, we challenged ourselves in the climax scene to create a collaborative work that uses words, sounds, and photographs to express a multilayered scene that conveys the magnetism of the garment. Musician Shuta Hasunuma recorded the voices of the models, the sounds of the materials used in the garment, and the environmental sounds generated during the shooting to reconstruct a soundscape. This was merged with the documentary photographs by photographer LILY SHU, that brought forth a feeling of accumulating time, a new approach to enjoy fashion. We invite you to experience fashion expressed through an inclusive approach.

Sound design

Shuta Hasunuma

Born in Tokyo, 1983. He is the organizer of the Shuta Hasunuma Philharmonic Orchestra which has performed concerts in Japan and abroad, and has produced numerous works for film, theater, and other mediums. He has also created video works, sound works, three-dimensional works, and installations, and has shown a number of solo exhibitions. Major solo exhibitions include “〜 ing” (Shiseido Gallery, 2018). He received the 69th Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology’s Art Encouragement Prize.

Photography / Composition

LILY SHU has been creating works that focus on physicality and action; on individuality and its relation to other individuals, and the subjectivity and space that lie beyond that. Her photographs capture the allure of the fashion creations by employing various expressions and techniques, while expressing the thought process of the designers and models. We hope you enjoy these imagery that capture the moment when individuality shines.


Born in Harbin, Heilongjiang, China, 1988. Starting from the bodily existence of an individual, she traces the cosmological approach of space, light, and matter, and works on the theme of the politics of visibility and invisibility, and cross-border imagination.


Designer : Hideki Ichikawa, Koki Saito, SiThuAung, Sari Takikawa, Daichi Tabata, Hana Yagi
Model : AOI YAMADA, Myu Ashihara, Koichi Omae, Kaito, Makiko Sugawa, chibiMOEKO
Planner Advisor: Yoshikazu Yamagata (Coconogacco)
Casting: Oi-chan
Photography / Composition: LILY SHU
Music: Shuta Hasunuma
Sound Engineer: Toshihiko Kasai (studio ATLIO)
Filming: Shunsuke Watanabe
Director of documentary: Hiroki Kawai
Project Manager: Mina Jokoji, Sakura Yamamoto, Keita Sato (Coconogacco), Momoko Okusa (Coconogacco)

Co-presented by: Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan, THEATER for ALL, precog co.,LTD., FY2020 Strategic Project to Create Culture and the Arts “Project to Strengthen Earning Capacity of Cultural Arts”
Cooperation: coconogacco, GAKU

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