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Virtual Body Festival

Aoi Yamada / Kasedori / Dansei Blanco / Momiji Nishiya / Kaede Maegawa / Masayasu Maeda(Kodo) / Takuya Muramatsu(Dairakudakan)


This is a digital performance video work by Tom Kawada (AR 3 bros.) that brings to the world the Japanese body with experience in it for the future. The world will emerge through the use of AR technology.

This video work brings together entertainment, art, and sports on one track. A butoh dancer, an up-and-coming dancer, a para-athlete with a prosthetic leg, a teenage professional skateboarder, a strange Japanese festival, and the rhythm of Japanese drums appear one after another to the accompaniment of rakugo (comic storytelling), played on a special app that utilizes AR technology to record the stage as it rises up before our eyes.
This project is also an archival practice that records and remembers culture from the perspective of human body data, and an attempt to explore the possibilities of new art and performance created by technologies such as 3D data and motion capture.

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Basic information of the work

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Accessibility of this work

  • Audio guide
  • Sign language
  • Barrier-free subtitles
  • Subtitles
  • Multilingual
  • Dubbing
  • Artist’s original barrier-free version
  • Non-verbal

Accessibility of this work

For the visually impaired and those who have difficulty seeing the video


The app makes it possible to enjoy the performance right in front of your eyes from anywhere in the world without having to leave your house, and the AR-based performance removes the barrier to participation for all those who are unable to go out due to coronary disasters or other reasons. The rakugo style of storytelling has always been a form of expression that can be enjoyed by the blind, and in this case, with the use of stereophonic technology, the sound will become louder as you get closer to each object, so you may enjoy it in a different way.


Click here to download the hands-on application “Social Implementation!”


Social Experiment” is an app where AR 3 bros.
Free of charge, Compatible with iPhone 8 and above, Recommended environment: iOS 13.0 and above
This app is only available on iOS.


3D data and motion data of the performers in the video You can purchase

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Messages from Artists and Creators

This time, as a developer, I implemented the image of jumping over all barriers in augmented reality. The digital archive of the body with its experiences is also a letter to the future.
I hope that “VIRTUAL NIPPON COLOSSEUM” will be one of the materials for you to think about your future.


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Tom Kawada (AR 3 bros. eldest son / general direction)


Tom Kawada (General direction)


Born in Kumamoto Prefecture in 1976, he worked for a manufacturer for 10 years, developing patents, and is the eldest son of the AR Three Brothers, an unprecedented development unit. He is the eldest son of the three AR 3 bros., and is a member of the board of BTC (Braintech Consortium). Eldest son in both public and private life. A genius on the street. Star of the world. New cultural person.

AR 3 bros. (Development)


An unprecedented development unit consisting of the eldest son, Tom Kawada, the second son, Shinji Takagi, and the third son, Yu Ogasawara, who have been continuously publishing stories, especially about augmented reality, since 2009. From entertainment to art, from Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi to the Romance Car Museum. The scope of their work is as vast as a black hole, or in Tokyo, as vast as the Tokyu Hands Shibuya store.

Shuta Hasunuma (Music)


Musician and artist, born in Tokyo, Japan in 1983. He has organized the Hasunuma Shuta Philharmonic Orchestra, which has given concerts in Japan and abroad. He has developed many music productions for film, drama, stage, and fashion. In 2014, he traveled to New York, U.S.A. on an Asian Cultural Council (ACC) grantee program. In 2017, he was appointed as the East Asia Cultural Exchange Ambassador by the Agency for Cultural Affairs to Beijing, China. His major music albums include NHK DRAMA “KIREINOKUNI” ORIGINAL SCORE (2021). Major exhibitions include “Compositions” (Pioneer Works, NY, 2018) and “~ ing” (Shiseido Gallery, 2018). He received the 69th Art Encouragement Prize of the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

Performer Profile


General direction: Tom Kawada
Development: AR 3 bros.
Performer: Aoi Yamada / Kasedori / Dansei Blanco / Kaede Maegawa / Masayasu Maeda (Kodo) / Momiji Nishiya / Takuya Muramatsu (Dairakudakan)
Music: Shuta Hasunuma
Script: Sohei Wakusaka / Tom Kawada (Original Story)
Rakugo Technical Supervisor / Costume Designer: Dankichi Tachikawa
Costume Designer: Kumiko Iijima
Make-up: Noboru Tomizawa
Drone photography: Hajime Kuboki / Tadayuki Iwaki
Design: Taeko Isu
Production: TASKO inc.
Barrier-free subtitles: Palabra Inc.
Barrier-free coordination: THEATRE for ALL
Production desk: precog
Producer: Kaoru Kanamori (precog)
Commissioned by Agency for Cultural Affairs “FY2021 Strategic Art and Culture Creation Promotion Project
Organizer: Agency for Cultural Affairs, precog Inc.

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