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Breanna is learning how to be an actor. She’s 20, and has just found out she is neurodiverse

Whatever Scares You is a rite of passage film that documents Breanna Deleo in her first year of work. Breanna is attempting to work as a professional artist - a challenging profession for anyone. And Breanna has begun to identify as neurodiverse. Her parents are her greatest allies and advocates. They want to protect Breanna but sometimes to find our way in the world, we need to go it alone.

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Message from artist / creator

Whatever Scares You has sprung out of an initiative, Curious Australia which was a call-out for under-represented film-makers, led by SBS, in partnership with Screen Australia and VicScreen. The call-out from SBS came after Breanna had co-authored and starred on the ABC TV series FIRST RESPONDERS, which aired in early 2022, and staring as part of SHADOW, which debuted at South by SouthWest where it won an audience prize. It was clear from these experiences Breanna is interested in more film roles. It was also clear that she had a sparky and engaging presence that was absolutely made for screen.
This film is evidence of the incredible generosity and strength of Breanna, who bravely let us into a moment of huge transition, and let us see her own vulnerability as she works out where she belongs in the world. This intimacy onscreen speaks to the collaborative relationship that Tamara and Breanna have cultivated over the past few years, and the deep level of trust and friendship of her and her family with the film team. Their support of the project continues noting that ‘You have given Breanna a voice which is very important in her life journey.’
There is a growing appetite from audiences for strong female role models, and within Breanna’s vulnerability and struggle we hope to inspire others to find their voice, and pave their own way. It is rare to have such a personal, solo view of a transition. It is all too rare to turn around in a meeting and see only female-identifying team members, particularly in the edit with Tamara, Breanna and editor Daniela Raulli working with Nat Bartsch’s incredible musical composition.
It feels like initiatives such as Curious Australia, really open up space for new voices, participation and stories, and it’s an exciting time to be sharing Whatever Scares You with an audience who will hopefully see a part of themselves in it.


Alice Fleming (Producers)

Artist Profile

Breanna Deleo

Breanna sitting in jeans and a yellow t shirt in front of a black suitcase with pink tulle spilling out, with her head tilted to the side

Photo by Jeff Busby


Born in Geelong, Breanna went to Grovedale West PrimarySchool until Grade 5 then transferred to Nelson Park School, a school for young people with intellectual disabilities, where she was school captain. Breanna first connected with Back to Back Theatre during a residency at Nelson Park School, where she created and voiced the principal character in a radio play that was broadcast on local radio. Breanna then became an invaluable member of Back to Back’s Theatre of Speed, an experimental laboratory for performance making before joining the ensemble in 2021. During this time, she has been an Assistant Producer for the company’s RISING Festival retrospective, mentored year 10 students at Nelson Park School during another residency that Back to Back undertook, assisted with auditioning new members for Back to Back projects, and starred in the company’s first feature film, SHADO

Tamara Searle(Director)

Photo by Drew Farrell


Tamara Searle is a performance maker and director. She makes live and digital performance with uncommon performers, and for uncommon sites, including shopping centres, rivers, mudflats, libraries, and forests. She is artistic associate with Back to Back Theatre and has collaborated to make work with InBetweenTime – Bristol, National Theatre of Scotland, Theatre Thikwa Berlin, Festival Utrecht, and Milton Keynes International Festival. As an independent artist she has collaborated with Jackson Castiglione on Future Echoes (Arts Centre Melbourne), with composer Christopher Harley on his work for Homegrown (VCA) and with Katerina Kokkinos Kennedyon a sound work for the Royal Botanic Gardens. Her writingand directing for film includePRICE (2015 nominated for a multicultural media award), a series in which disabled artist Scott Price interviews people about provocation in art. She co- created collaborative filmmaking residency RADIAL, designedfor vulnerable people to access performance and film making technology, which has been activated in Berlin, Scotland and Geelong. She has directed multiple iterations of The Democratic Set, including in Utrecht, Bristol,and Milton Keynes.


A Back to Back Pictures Production


Co-Writers: Tamara Searle,Breanna Deleo
Director: Tamara Searle

Producer: Alice Fleming Executive

Producers: Bruce Gladwin and Tim Stitz

Editor: Daniela Raulli

Director of Photography: Rhian Hinkley

Music: Nat Bartsch

Script Consultant: Diana Fisk
FEATURING: Breanna Deleo, Joanne Deleo, Joseph Deleo
WITH: Mark Deans, Randolf Reimann, Nikki Watson,
Sarah Mainwaring, Lydian Dunbar, Alana Hoggart,
Scott Price, Mathew Daymond, Lisette Drew, Simon Laherty,
Phoebe Rose, Hall Thomas, “Soup” Campbell, Nat Bartsch,
Zac Mifsud, Emma-June Curik,
Tamara Searle,
Leiko Manalang, Chris Paget, Tim Stitz, Marc Hull,
Claire Carlin, Bruce Gladwin, Lauren Watson,
Ella Lincoln, Ingrid Voorendt, Tara Sales,
Alice Fleming,
Daniele Constance, Rhian Hinkley, Erin Watson,
Jaz Wickson

This film was created by Back to Back Pictures Pty. Ltd. in association with Back to Back Theatre Inc.
Back to Back Theatre is supported by Australia Council for the Arts,Creative Victoria, and the City of Greater Geelong, and acknowledges the support of the Department of Education & Training, Victoria, through the Strategic Partnerships Program.

Financed with assistance from The Anthony Costa Foundation; Give Where You Live Foundation; The Sidney Myer Fund; the Percy Baxter Charitable Trust; the Winifred and John Webster Charitable Trust Fund; and the Une Parkinson Foundation.


Japanese subtitles: Yasumasa Kawada, Kanoko Tamura, Hibiki Mizuno (Art Translators Collective)

Japanese subtitles for this video were produced by the Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture under the Arts Council Tokyo’s “Arts and Culture Attractiveness Creation Grant” program.

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