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How to use

Procedure for use

You can enjoy various programs distributed through the Internet. Please view/participate using your computer or smartphone.

Types of programs

– Contemporary theater and dance performance videos, movies, and documentaries
– Video works and programs presented in barrier-free, multilingual formats
– Workshops held before or after viewing, and programs for learning by the sharing of opinions

* A fee is charged for some works.
* In some cases, an advance reservation is required for workshops and online events.

How can I view/participate?

  • Searching for a work

    – Use the search system (free word + check box) on Viewing videos. You can select a genre, barrier-free format, language, learning, etc.

  • Buy paid videos and make reservations

    You can purchase and make reservations from the individual work page and workshop page.
    For video works, we also have a membership program that allows you to watch the works for a fixed amount. (Details are given at the bottom of this page.)
    We recommend paying by credit card, which you can watch immediately.
    ※ If you need support of the purchase isherePlease check the. We also offer bank transfer (it takes 3 business days to start viewing).
    When you make a purchase / participation reservation, you will receive a notification email. You can also click the work viewing URL in the email or view the work purchased from My Page.

  • Participating in learning programs

    From the Learn page, you can see a list of THEATRE for ALL Explainer videos, details of phenotypic and interactive workshops, report articles, and more.

About accessibility

To realize our concept and mission for THEATRE for ALL, we are taking measures to heighten the accessibility of our services as a whole, and to make each work barrier-free and available in multiple languages, while heeding the views of various principals and experts. As we see it, to heighten the accessibility of services and works not only opens up channels to the disabled and people whose first language is not Japanese, but also shows new outlooks on the world that have gone unnoticed by all so far.

Accessibility of our services as a whole

We are striving to heighten the accessibility of our services as a whole while collecting the opinions of the disabled, people supporting them, and other concerned parties in aspects and sites noted below. * Various production items including names, logos, leaflets, key colors, and website design * Events in which the disabled participate * Communication at conference venues * Preparation of article contents together with disabled writers * Overall feel of service use Accessibility of distributed (online) works and programs For each work, we consult with the artist and production company, examine measures taken by each to ensure accessibility, and try various approaches so that works can be brought to viewers who have not had the chance to see them so far.

  • Barrier-free subtitles (Japanese / multilingual)

    Subtitles with text for information on main sounds such as music and sound effects in addition to spoken lines and names of speakers

  • Japanese subtitles / multilingual subtitles

    Subtitles with text for spoken lines, or the names of speakers and their spoken lines

  • Audio guide (audio commentary)

    Audio (narration) explaining information obtained through sight, on items such as detailed scenery, and the actions and facial expressions of characters

  • Sign language interpretation

    Sign language interpretation of lines spoken in a video work

  • Artist’s original barrier-free version

    Original measures devised by the artist for barrier-free access, to enable all people to enjoy the work

  • UDCast

    UDCast: This application allows people to have subtitles and audio guides through smartphones and other types of terminals. It has a microphone pick up the audio in the video, and provides subtitles, audio guidance, and sign language that have been produced in advance and are timed to coincide with the video footage. Users can receive subtitles and audio guides from a terminal separate from the video proper. When the whole family or other group of people enjoy a video together, they can therefore freely choose the information needed by each member.

Accessibility in the website

We are working to improve the accessibility of the entire service while receiving opinions from people with disabilities and those who support them at the following sites.

・About various products such as naming, logos, leaflets, key colors, website design, etc.
・Events in which persons with disabilities participate
・Communication at meetings
・Creating article content in collaboration with writers of persons with disabilities
・General service usability

Accessibility on websites

  • Accessibility check by people with different type of disabilities

    We have received many opinions and feedbacks from people with different type of disabilities since the time we started to design our website. Based on that, we are trying to improve the design and markup.

  • Review by accessibility specialist

    We conducted a review by accessibility specialists. They also gave us advice on the accessibility for external services on THEATRE for ALL.

Opinions and requests regarding accessibility

Opinions and requests concerning accessibility We intend to steadily raise accessibility to higher levels while obtaining opinions from users. If you have any views or ideas for making THEATRE for ALL better and more enjoyable, please do not hesitate to send them to us! .

(Inquiry page ▶︎)

Unlimited viewing of works for a fixed amount Membership program!

Monthly membership

A plan that allows you to participate in the THEATRE for ALL LAB membership community, where you can watch unlimited works for a fixed amount of 1,800 yen (tax included) per month!

We distribute performance videos, theatrical films, media art works and documentary programs as unlimited viewing works. New video works will be delivered every month!


Price: 1,800 yen / month (tax included)

* You will be required to pay the membership fee for the following month on the first day of every month.
* For the first payment only, a two-month fee will be charged, which is the sum of the monthly viewing fee (1,800 yen) divided by the number of days remaining from the month of enrollment to the end of the month and the monthly viewing fee of the following month.
(Example) If you apply on 4/20, the initial payment amount will be 2,400 yen (tax included), which is the sum of the viewing fee from April 20 to the end of the month = 600 yen and the viewing fee in May = 1,800 yen.


How to apply

Support member

In addition to unlimited viewing of works that are eligible for flat-rate unlimited viewing, you can also invite members-only events and participate in community activities!


It is hard to say that barrier-free art works and programs in theaters and online are progressing in Japan. We look forward to your support in order to expand the information security of as many works as possible and to maintain this service.


Price: 30,000 yen / year (tax included)

* The price includes the unlimited viewing membership fee for one year (1800 yen x 12 months = 21600 yen).
* When paying, an additional daily fee will be charged, which is the number of days remaining from the application date to the end of the month divided by the monthly viewing fee (1,800 yen).

  • Unlimited viewing of the target works for one year!

    We distribute performance videos, theatrical films, media art works and documentary programs as unlimited viewing works. New video works will be delivered every month!

  • Invite to members-only events

    By participating in community activities (membership-based SNS), you can participate in interactive workshops after viewing the work and inclusive online exchange meetings where discussions from various perspectives and perspectives are exchanged.
    * Accessibility varies depending on the event. In addition, application acceptance may end as soon as the capacity is reached.

  • Barrier-free with your power

    We will allocate a part of the cost for information security for works that have not been barrier-free so far, creation to consider accessibility with artists from the creation stage, development of site accessibility of this service, etc.

How to apply: If you are not a free member yet, please apply as a support member after registering as a new member. If you have already registered as a free member, please register as a support member after logging in.

About members of THEATRE for ALL

Flat rate
Unlimited viewing
Single item
0Yen Free
Free works
1,800Yen/month Monthly
Optional Information on
membership-based SNS
30,000Yen/year Support
Optional Information on
membership-based SNS
100,000yen/mouth Supporting
Optional Information on membership-based SNS Only for those who wish

* All prices include tax.

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