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トランスレーション フォー オール

Considering the translation of physical expression

The term “translation” comes from the Latin word for “carrying over” or “saying in a different way.” There are all sorts of barriers on the road to delivering physical expression to audiences. The various works are taking up the challenge of overcoming them through diverse techniques and opening up accessibility to ALL, meaning all kinds of people. The task is to share the thoughts and sentiments imbuing the works with people with disabilities, people who speak different languages, and all other people, and to link this to further expression.

トランスレーション フォー オール


An experimental platform for imagining respective methods of participation to address circumstances posing various obstacles, and for exercise of ingenuity by artists.
Our aspiration is a platform where anyone and everyone is involved and a participant. We are launching TRANSLATION for ALL with hopes for the birth of diverse discussions.

An attempt based on the question, “If it were you, how would you deliver?”

We are holding workshops, open rehearsals, and other activities together with people with disabilities and people in various other positions, and engaging in creation with a view to staging a performance in May. These activities are collectively term “LAB.” In advance of performances, we are attempting dialogue without correct answers for “translation,” and obtaining multifaceted perspectives.

LAB: A trial-and-error platform for exchange of views by artists and technicians on accessibility & technology, creation, and barrier-free approaches, and sharing of the process of creation with various viewers and persons with disabilities.
FES: A platform for the presentation of works born after the LAB phase. Presentations can be made in various modes, including real performances and events, distribution of video through THEATRE for ALL, and conferences.


Apr. 29, ’23 Notice of Holidays for Major Consecutive Holidays
Mar 22, ’23 “TRANSLATION for ALL” First Artists Announced
Dec. 26, ’22

Announcement of “TRANSLATION for ALL


Performance program

Taking “translation” as their key word, various artists will devise translations of physical expression and present works while taking up the challenge of unique types of accessibility.

jactynogg zontaanaco ジャkuティー乃愚・存taアkoコ contact Gonzo × Yang02
Dates: Friday, May 19 - Sunday, May 21, 2023
Participation-oriented concert: PLAY? – Amuse? Make Music? Shuta Hasunuma, Tetsu Umehara, Miyasaka Ryotaro
Date: Saturday, May 27
Venue: Shibuya Parco 10F “ComMunE” and outside
AR 3Bros. “Love Songs in Units of Civilization” AR 3Bros.
Date: Saturday, May 27, 2023 ~

Distribution program

We distribute works that have been performed inside or outside Japan through THEATRE for ALL. We have broadened accessibility for these works, which are shown with barrier-free subtitles, sign language, English subtitle etc., so that more people can enjoy them at any time and place.

Hyper Popular Art “STAND PLAY” OLTA
“The Dying Swan” “The Dying Swan and Its Cause of Death” Dance Base Yokohama

And More!

What is THEATRE for ALL?

Anyone, at any time, from any place.
A theater accessible to each and every person.


THEATRE for ALL is a barrier-free online theater that is run by precog and was launched in February 2021. As indicated by the name, its objective is to deliver the enjoyment of theatrical and other entertainment to all people. Through the Internet, it distributes about 140 types of videos, mainly of works in the genres of theater, dance, cinema, and new media art. To ensure accessibility, the distribution offers options including Japanese subtitles, audio guidance, sign language, and multilingual services. In connection with THEATRE for ALL, precog also holds workshops both online and at real venues, hosts inclusive screening events that draw all sorts of people with and without disabilities, and executes coordinative projects combining art and accessibility.

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Participating artists

Through TRANSLATION for ALL LAB, the artists participating in TRANSLATION for ALL are making an advance attempt at dialogue with no right answers for translation by people in various positions, and obtaining multifaceted perspectives.
We have prepared an assortment of platforms for imagining respective methods of participation to address circumstances posing various obstacles, and for experiments reflecting the ingenuity of artists.

Watch these too!

Besides distributing standard barrier-free videos, THEATRE for ALL has continued to explore “artist original barrier-free videos” whose creation is based on artwork concepts and their experimental nature. We invite you to watch these videos too.

“I / O” Instead of putting visual information into words as is, poet Sayaka Osaki recites poetry inspired by the sentiments she felt while viewing the works.
Dance New Air 2020->21『n o w h e r e 』 Instead of putting visual information into words, the artists describe the scenes, feelings, etc. from their own perspective.
“Electronicos Fantasticos!” ~ Main Festival I: Home Appliances Thunder Hen ~ The artists themselves read a narration text and guide audiences through their works.


Presented by precog co., LTD.
Supported by Arts Council Tokyo, Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History
and Culture