In the All-in Film Festival 2023

This event has ended.
Thank you very much for your participation!



November 17 (Fri.)-20 (Mon.)



For everyone!
From children to senior citizens
Both people with disabilities and people without disabilities
And people whose first language is not Japanese

The first universal film festival to be held in Karuizawa!


Made with love, by local high schoolers and adults. Screening 12 films in 4 days.
Everyone from children to the elderly, gather round!

Screenings and events with English subtitles or Japanese-English interpretation

11/17(Fri) Chuo Community Center (Komin-kan)

Sakana no ko

Everyone deserves to be themself.

“Sakananoko” (139 min.) Director: Shuichi Okita

Never change, it’ll all be alright. . A story of how we move forward, even if we get a bit lost or hurt along the way.Our protagonist Mee-bo isn’t perfect and can struggle with everyday things. But what is ‘normal’ anyway? What matters more than fitting in is discovering your own path and following it, ‘guided by love and kindness from people’, Sakana-kun did just that.
The crazy life story of Sakana-kun is well known, but have you considered, maybe there is a Mee-bo in all of us? A story for everyone, children to grownups!

Price:Unreserved seat / Tax in
Adult ¥1,200
High School Students and Younger ¥700


11/18(Sat) Chuo Community Center (Komin-kan)

Kalanchoe flower /The Fish with One Sleeve


We miss out on so much, worrying about what people will think. A story that revisits the importance of ‘just accepting’.
“Kalanchoe flower” (39 min.) Director: Shun Nakagawa
“I wonder if there is a queerperson in our class as well?” One’s innocent curiosity creates a ripple effect and touches the lives of students.
‘How do we truly protect our friends?’ A picture that addresses social issues not only to adolescence, but to our society as a whole.


Our mind, body and sexuality relate in many ways. ‘This is how the story of how I live my own life’
”The Fish with One Sleeve”(34 min.) Director: Takeshi Shoji
Hikari Shintani, is a transgender woman who lives in Tokyo, surrounded by her colleagues and friends. One day, she goes on a business trip to her hometown,hoping to meet with her classmates from high school but. ……?
Even when faced with microaggressions and discrimination that stem from ignorance, she slowly but surely moves forward. The way Hikari continues to progress in the face of challenge is truly inspiring.

Start :13:00〜
Price:Unreserved seat / Tax in
Adult ¥1,200
High School Students and Younger ¥700


DAY2 11/18(Sat)Chuo Community Center

3 Generations


‘Sexual freedom is a human right!’ 16 year old Ray stands up against injustice, but how do the adults react?
A clumsy and loving family story.
“3 Generations”(92 min.) Director: Gabey Dellal
Ray is a young girl who dreams of becoming a “real” boy. Her (his), romanticist single mother and a lesbian grandmother tag along this journey to help her (him) find her (his) own truth. Even family members are individuals, and perhaps our desire to acknowledge and understand this fact is universal.

Price|Unreserved seat / Tax in
Adult ¥1,200
High School Students and Younger ¥700


DAY2 11/18(Sat) Chuo Community Center (Komin-kan)

DJ Party


Discovering! Exploring! Sexuality
Come along to see, feel, discuss and dance! Organized by high school students in Karuizawa! We’ll have discussions,international food booths and a DJ party!


Free Admission


11/19(Sun) Chuo Community Center (Komin-kan)



17 years of music, almost like a family or society. Where does sound go?” More than just a film. A journey to open the doors of one’s instincts and senses.
“WHEREABOUTS OF SOUND” (107 min.) Director: Ryo Noda  
The vibrant musicality of Otoasobi will surely greet you with surprise, awe and maybe even laughter!
The richness of their expression captivates the viewer’s eye. This documentary will no doubt remain in the history of music, as they rewrite the concept of improvised music.

Price|Unreserved seat / Tax in
Adult ¥1,700
High School Students and Younger ¥700


11/20(Mon) Chuo Community Center (Komin-kan)

Closing Symposium


What role does art play in the development of local communities? We will exchange opinions with various practitioners in the fields of art, welfare, education, and community development.

Free Admission


※Doors open 30 minutes before each screening and event.
※Same-day tickets for each screening and event are +300 yen.
※One caregiver is free. (Please present your disability certificate at the reception desk on the day of the screening or event.)


KARUIZAWA Chuo Community Center

2353-1 Nagakura, Karuizawa-cho, Kitasaku-gun, Nagano

12 minute’ walk from Nakakaruizawa Station (Hokuriku Shinkansen, Shinano Railway and Bessho Line).



TEL:03-6825-1223(Office Hours: Weekdays 10:00〜17:00)