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Anyone, at any time, from any place
A theater accessible to each and every person .

Giving everyone access to the theatrical experience – that’s the mission of THEATRE for ALL.

From children to adults and the elderly. People who cannot hear, people who cannot see, people who are in wheelchairs. People who speak different languages, people who are caring for children or elderly, people who live across the sea.

If people who have not been able to go to theaters due to circumstantial conditions or physical differences acquire access to “theater” by a different means, it should make the everyday world of each of them, and each theatrical work, a lot more interesting. Born from this idea, THEATRE for ALL is an online theater with a focus on accessibility.

  • モクモクの形や丸に切り取られたワークショップと舞台芸術の様子が左右に散りばめられている
  • モクモクの形や丸に切り取られたワークショップと舞台芸術の様子が左右に散りばめられている
  • モクモクの形や丸に切り取られたワークショップと舞台芸術の様子が左右に散りばめられている
  • モクモクの形や丸に切り取られたワークショップと舞台芸術の様子が左右に散りばめられている
  • モクモクの形や丸に切り取られたワークショップと舞台芸術の様子が左右に散りばめられている
  • モクモクの形や丸に切り取られたワークショップと舞台芸術の様子が左右に散りばめられている

Through this project, we want to open up better channels for social participation and make occasions for people to discover their own personal ways of seeing the world, previously unnoticed by them. We are looking forward to linking up with viewers and business persons, and other people who empathize with this outlook and will give us their support. THEATRE for ALL will grow while exchanging perspectives and opinions with all sorts of people. We invite you to join us in the creation of a “theater” that can be accessed by anyone, at any time and from any place.

rests on the following three components.

  • Accessibility

    – Distribution with features to heighten accessibility for the particular person, including multilingual subtitles, sign language interpretation, and audio guide. We are developing and providing services allowing each person to experience “theater” without any constraints of time or place.

  • Learning

    – Even with works that seem difficult to approach at first, learning a key point for their appreciation can immediately expand your horizons boundlessly and enrich your experience. Through video commentaries and workshops with the participation of artists and scholars, we provide platforms for learning that help participants with mutually different perspectives to catalyze each other, and lead to creative action.
    >>>> Click here for learning program

  • LAB

    Teams of people in various positions, disabled persons, artists, and experts will come together to think about the environment for experiencing theater and conduct repeated experiments of new types of barrier-free presentation. We will issue reports on the results of their research and studies in the form of a magazine, THEATRE for ALL LAB, which will generate the next round of discussions and inquiries.
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Join Us!

We are looking for people who want to work with us to promote THEATRE for ALL.

  • People interested in accessibility and barrier-free formats

    THEATRE for ALL can do-Planning and production of barrier-free performances and events-Accessibility consulting for online distribution events and video works-Development and management of workshops and educational programs in collaboration with people with disabilities-Various research and research on people with disabilities User Monitoring >>>> For details, please see the TfA service introduction page here.

  • People who want to distribute works through THEATRE for ALL

    Please contact us if you would like to distribute performance videos, movies, programs, etc. on this site. You can also receive accessibility / barrier-free support and distribution as a set.
    >>>> For details, please see the TfA service introduction page here.

  • People who want to introduce art learning into schools, facilities, and companies

    -Customized learning programs and sold in packages as part of corporate human resources development and orientation, or as a school program. -Coordination work for various projects such as on-site workshops for interactive viewing by visiting each facility or school and creative presentations to create projects with artists-Consultation such as bundle contracts for distributed contents
    >>>> For details, please see the TfA service introduction page here.

  • People who empathize with this project and want to support it

    We collect funds and work production funds through crowdfunding. We appreciate your support and participation.
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    We are also accepting applications at any time for THEATRE for ALL LAB membership, which has monthly dues. This is a members-only community open to all people who have an interest in the social implementation of accessibility and the creation of organizations and a society in which all sorts of people can live and work together. We will also offer members opportunities for participation in gatherings for sharing opinions and priority reservations for various events.
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  • People who want to distribute articles and information

    Please contact us about information posting and cooperation with interviews.
    >>>> Please contact us for details

For further details, please check the page on frequently asked questions.
If you still have questions or opinions you would like to share with us, please contact us using the inquiry form