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“Electronicos Fantasticos!” ~ Main Festival I: Home Appliances Thunder Hen ~

Ei Wada


"Electric appliances that have outlived their usefulness are drawn to the radio waves emitted from the top of Tokyo Tower and scream for revival. The ""ELECTRONICOS FANTASTICOS!"" group, led by Ei Wada, is a group that performs by turning disused home appliances into musical instruments. They have accumulated knowledge and know-how through their activities of transforming disused home appliances such as cathode-ray tube televisions, fans, air conditioners, radios, and hair dryers into musical instruments. In November 2017, the ""home appliance musical instruments"" gathered together at the foot of Tokyo Tower. In November 2017, the ""home appliance instruments"" gathered together at the foot of Tokyo Tower, surrounded by a large yagura, and danced to the ""electromagnetic bon dance festival"".

In November 2017, CRT televisions, fans, air conditioners, radios, hairdryers, and other ""home appliances"" born in Tokyo, Hitachi, and Kyoto gathered together to create a ""home appliance musical instrument. In November 2017, the ""home appliance instruments"" created in Tokyo, Hitachi, and Kyoto gathered in one place. In November 2017, all the ""home appliance instruments"" from Tokyo, Hitachi, and Kyoto, including CRT TVs, fans, air conditioners, radios, and hair dryers, gathered together in a large pentagonal yagura and danced to the ""Electromagnetic Bon Dance Festival"".

Los aparatos eléctricos considerados desfasados y que perdieron su función original, se vieron atraídos por las ondas de radio emitidas desde lo alto de la Torre de Tokio, y pidieron a gritos su redención.En noviembre de 2017, se reunieron en un mismo lugar todo tipo de ""instrumentos derivados de electrodomésticos"" como televisores CRT, ventiladores, aires acondicionados, radios y secadores de pelo, nacidos en Tokio, Hitachi y Kioto. En torno a una gran yagura pentagonal se celebró el ""Festival de Danza Bon Electromagnética"" y se bailó al ritmo de la música de los electrodomésticos.

Os antigos aparelhos elétricos que perderam lugares para desempenhar seus papéis originais são atraídos pelas ondas eletromagnéticas transmitidas do topo da Torre de Tóquio e levantam um grito de reencarnação. Em novembro de 2017, todos os tipos de ""instrumentos derivados de aparelhos domésticos"", como televisores CRT, ventiladores, aparelhos de ar condicionado, rádios e secadores de cabelo, nascidos em Tóquio, Hitachi e Kyoto, foram reunidos em um só lugar. O ""Bon Electromagnetic Dance Festival"" foi realizado ao redor de um grande yagura pentagonal, e as pessoas dançavam a música dos eletrodomésticos.

©︎Photo by Mao Yamamoto"

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The audio guide by the artist (Ei Wada) himself is a must! He explains in a narrative tone about the appliances and performance methods used in the performance.

Message from artist / creator

The idea of “playing an obsolete home appliance as an instrument” brings the inspiration to find another new value in something that exists. This fundamental concept means that everyone, regardless of language or disability, can open up a different world simply by changing the way they see and use things. As the entrance to that inspiration, please experience the time and space of “Electromagnetic Bon Odori”, which was carefully created by Cast

Artist Profile

Ei Wada

Artist / musician. Presided over “Open Reel Ensemble”. Mastermind of “ELECTRONICOS FANTASTICOS!”


Cast : Ei Wada​ ​/​ ​Shutoku Mukai​ ​/​ ​​FAIFAI /​ ​Kaori Kitsu​ ​/​ ​Zenbo Hidaka​ ​/​ ​Junichi Matsuzaki​ ​/​ ​Etsuko Ichihara​ ​/​ ​Tokyo​ ​Archest-Lab etc. /​ ​​​ ​Orchest-Lab ​ ​​​ ​​​ ​​

Edit : Kazuya Kato​ ​/​ ​Hiroki Kawai​ ​/​ ​Ei Wada

Camera : Hiroki Kawai​ ​/​ ​Taiyou Morishige​ ​/​ ​Kazuki Yamakura​ ​/​ ​Norihito Segawa

Recording, Sound Adjustment : Toshihiko Kasai


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