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Rediscover familiar landscapes by overlapping bodies, thoughts, and spaces! A one and a half hour virtual walk with an artist.

SIDE CORE, an art team that creates artworks and holds exhibitions on the theme of "creating noise in the landscape" from the streets to museums, held a "Night Walk" event that toured the city. In this video work, we will discover various aspects of the streets from Jingumae and Harajuku to Shibuya Station. Witnessing the architecture and works of artists on the streets, learning about forgotten history, and trying to develop a "new way of looking at the city", the video work is like an urban drama. Because the film was shot in a redevelopment area with the Tokyo Olympics just around the corner, some of the spots visited in the film have already been lost.

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Basic information of the work

Screening time
88 min
1,000yen(tax include) Viewing Period 240hours / 10days
1,800 yen (tax included) / month
30,000 yen (tax included) / year * Other benefits are available
Delivery deadline
02:04:35 31/10/2023 Note: If you wish to rent a movie or apply for a paid membership, please be sure to confirm the end date of the distribution of the movie before you make your purchase. Please note that it takes a few days to confirm payment, especially when paying by bank transfer, and depending on the procedure, the delivery period may end and you may not be able to watch the movie.

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Transcending the barriers of movement and distance, we take a stroll through Shibuya in the dead of night with SIDE CORE. This is a work that will allow you to see your familiar landscape from a different perspective.

Message from artist / creator

Originally, a night walk is meaningful only when you actually walk around the city. When thinking about the act of walking, walking, marching, pilgrimage, the essence of which is the overlap of body, thought and landscape. You can do it without attending an event, in Tokyo, at night, or around your house. The essence of the night walk is “to look at the scenery that you overlook and enjoy the discoveries.” Although it is difficult for one person’s imagination to immediately change the perception within oneself, I think that the visualization of the night walk will be an opportunity or hint to bring about such a “change in perception of the landscape”.

Artist Profile


Unit launched in 2012 by Sakie Takasu and Tohru Matsushita, with Taishi Nishihiro joining in 2017. After staging the exhibition “SIDE CORE: Japanese Art and the Streets” (2012), which interpreted street in the context of art history and history in general, their focus shifted from history to the contemporary city and the body, and they expanded their activities into the actual streets. Their “Midnight Walk Tour”, which leads people on tours of guerrilla-style works dotted around the city and deals with architecture, murals, and graffiti, has been held irregularly from 2017 to the present. They are engaged in diverse activities, including a studio project team in the Tokyo Bay area since 2016. Major projects include “rode work” (2017, Reborn-Art Festival, Ishinomaki, Miyagi Prefecture), “Play Outside -From Picnics to Skateboards-” (2018, Ichihara Lakeside Museum, Ichihara, Chiba), and “Pointless Overnight, Night Flows By” (2019, Aoyama Studio, Aoyama, Tokyo).


Director: Kazunori Harimoto
Production: SIDE CORE
Screenplay: Tohru Matsushita
Photo: Kazunori Harimoto, Ryosuke Tanaka
Edited by: Kazunori Harimoto
Recording / sound adjustment: Nozomu Arai
Assistant: Ryosuke Tanaka, Takashi Torisu
Cast: SIDE CORE (Sakie Takasu, Toru Matsushita, Taishi Nishihiro), Koichi Watari, Kenta Ishige, KINJO, DEADKEBAB & PSYCHIC $ + Yuji Moriwaki, BIEN
Management: Takahiro Kanashima + Fujiwara Haneda GK


Cooperation: The Watari Museum of Contemporary Art (, BLOCK HOUSE (, Ryosuke Kikuchi