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Modern version, At Kinosaki

Shingo Ota


Shingo Ota, the director of the film, said, "Being alive and being dead, they weren't polar opposites. It felt like there wasn't that much difference."
Since losing a close friend to suicide in 2013, Ota has been making films on the theme of renewing the concept of life and death, improving mental health, and looking at life on the margins of society, and a passage from Naoya Shiga ”At Kinosaki" came back to his mind.

As the number of corona-positive people in Europe explodes, Nui, an actor working in France, loses a man he was performing with to the effects of corona infection. She had just a few days before kissed him on stage, but why did she survive? Unable to find an answer to these recurring questions, one day she loses her voice and decides to return to Japan for the first time in five years. She decided to go to Kinosaki Onsen for a cure. Her friends who died by chance and herself who survived by chance. Unable to affirm her own life, Sew meets Takogawa, the director of the Insect Energy Research Institute...

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Ota compiled a script written by Takenaka, the lead actress, based on her own experiences, into a final draft, and shot it in Toyooka City in the summer in collaboration with local residents, students, and artists. The film was shot in Toyooka City in the summer in collaboration with local residents, students, and artists. He also welcomed not only humans but also insects, plants, rain, and even vibrations in the air as “performers,” discovering the “dance” of all life hidden in Kinosaki, and capturing the “movement” and “texture” of plants, animals, phenomena, and body parts in order to break away from the humanistic film style. Thus, a unique dramatic film rich in poetic montage and unique cinematic style was born, which could be called a “modern version of “At the Castle”” based on the structure of the novel “At the Castle”.

Message from artist / creator

Although the unstable weather and the increased uncertainty caused by the inclusion of insects in the cast made for a tight shooting schedule, the filming, which could not have been done with human supremacy, was successful, and I believe that this work was a head-on challenge to show insects on an equal footing with other characters. We hope that you will witness various kinds of “life and death” that are not limited to humans.

Artist Profile

Shingo Ota


Born in 1985. Works as a film director and actor. Born in Nagano Prefecture. Majored in philosophy and narrative theory at university. Interested in filmmaking as a device for remembering and recording alternative stories that fall out of the larger historical narrative. Her first film, “Graduation,” won the Excellence Award and the Audience Award at Image Forum Festival 2010. His first feature documentary film, “The End of the Special Time Allowed to Us,” premiered at YIDFF 2013 and has since been released in 12 countries around the world. Since then, he has directed edgy films such as “Liberation Zone” and “Imagination,” as well as TV programs such as “Jounetsu Tairiku” and “Food Tracker Minami Minegishi. In 2022, “At Kinosaki,” inspired by a short story by Naoya Shiga (winner of the Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival 2022 Outstanding Artistic Award), will be released in theaters. inspired by Naoya Shiga’s short story, is scheduled to be released in 2022. He is also scheduled to perform in “I am a Battlefield of Several Narratives” (text and direction by Toshiki Okada) at the Saitama Arts Theatre in Sai-No-Kuni in September.


Cast: Kyoko Takenaka, Miwa Okuno,Uta, Cafard Sato, Itto Sakai, Sachia Kanou, Yusho Ogawa, Satoshi Ogawa, Takumi Terauchi, Harushige Aoyama, Keisuke Ishimaru, Nozomu Ishimaru, Shiori Ishimaru, Sakutaro Ishimaru, Genki, Hiroshi Hanabusa, Riho Tsunematsu, Yoshinori Hamagami, bozzo, Ayumi Mori, Jin Shiono, Sanechan Alexandre Michel, Tomohiko Ogawa, Hiroko Tsutsui

Planning: Shingo Ota, Kyoko Takenaka

Screenplay: Kyoko Takenaka, Shingo Ota

Music: Uta

Recording: Takeshi Inarimori

Sound Mixer/Foley Artist: Hayato Ichimura

Colorist: Toshimitsu Hoshiko

Insect Supervisor: Cafard Sato

French Translation: Kyoko Takenaka

French Translation Supervisor: Bertrand Lauret

Assistant Director: Yumeki Kobayashi

Assistant Cinematographers: Kosuke Suzuki, Suzune Ichida

Location Coordinators: Yumeki Kobayashi, Uta, Itto Sakai

Executive Producer: Hidetoshi Katori

Line Producer: Itto Sakai

Producer: Masumi Soga

Production: Moemi Nagi

Production Cooperation: Dudes Inc.

Production Committee: M.MATTINA CO., LTD, HYDROBLAST INC


Advertising Art: NORA DESIGN (Miyuki Uchida)

Web Design: Satomi Furuya

Advertising Photography: bozo

Copywriting: Ayumi Takenaka

Special Cooperation: Infrarouge/ Marie Brassard

Barrier-free sponsorship: THEATRE for ALL (precog Inc.)

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