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One Cut of the Dead

Shin-ichiro Ueda


One Cut of the Dead. Barrier-free voice-guided version is now available on THEATRE for ALL for the first time in the world. Witness the "entertainment that has not yet been seen anywhere else" created by unknown new directors and actors who won the Yubari Fantaland Grand Prize (Audience Award) at the Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival 2018 in Japan!

The film opens in a run-down, abandoned warehouse where a film crew are making a zombie film…
Yet, this is no ordinary warehouse. It’s been said that it’s the site of where military experiments took place…
Out of nowhere, real zombies arrive and terrorize the crew!
This may sound like a plot of a clichéd zombie film, but One Cut of the Dead is something completely
different! Starting off with a non-stop one-take 37 minute shot, the film then completely switches direction
and turns the zombie genre completely upside down into a charming, audience-friendly comedy!

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This is the seventh film in the “Cinema Project” of ENBU Seminar, a training school for directors and actors. The long-awaited feature film by director Shinichiro Ueda, whose short films have caused a stir at film festivals around the world, is a work of the utmost effort, created with unknown actors selected by audition. The script was written by the actors after months of rehearsals. It is an ambitious film full of challenges, including an unparalleled structure, a detailed script, and a 37-minute one-cut zombie survival.

June 2018 When the film was released, it started screening in only two theaters, but word of mouth, especially on social networking sites, made it so popular that it was expanded to more than 300 theaters in the end, making it an exceptional hit for a low-budget indie film. In addition, a French remake directed by a US Academy Award-winning director will be released this year in 2022, and the film has once again become a hot topic of conversation.

Entry in the "Marutto Minna de Cinema Festival"

Marutto Minna de Cinema Festival” Official Event Information
Thursday, September 22: What is a zombie movie with sound? In commemoration of the distribution of the voice-guided version of “Don’t Stop the Camera! Commemorating the release of the audio-guided version!
Click here for details.
Click here for the “Marutto Minna de Cinema Festival 2022” special page!

Message from artist / creator

Artist Profile

Shin-ichiro Ueda

Born in Shiga Prefecture in 1984. He started making independent films when he was in junior high school, and after graduating from high school, he continued to study film on his own. 2009, he formed a film production group. In 2009, he formed a film production group, which has produced more than 10 films, including “Rice and Boobs. In 2018, his first feature film, 『One Cut of the Dead』was an exceptional hit, expanding from 2 to 350 theaters. In January 2019, he founded PANPOCOPINA Inc. to plan and produce films. In May 2020, in response to the Corona disaster, the director, staff, and cast of the film 『One Cut of the Dead Mission: Remote』 In 2021, “The Crocodile Who Lived for 100 Days” and “DIVOC-12” will be released in theaters, and in 2022, 『Popran』will be released in theaters.


Director/Screenplay/Editor Shin-ichiro Ueda


Takayuki Hamatsu Mao Harumi Syuhama Kazuaki Nagaya Manabu Hosoi

Hiroshi Ichihara Syuntaro Yamazaki Shinichiro Osawa Donguri Miki Yoshida

Sakina Asamori Ayana Goda Yuzuki Akiyama

Joint Original Work: Ryoichi Wada, Shin-ichiro Ueda

Planning and Development Co-operation: Shun Araki, Yuta Otsubo (PEACE Theater Group)

Inspired by: “GHOST IN THE BOX!” (Ryoichi Wada/PEACE Theater Group)

Camera:Tsuyoshi Sone

Sound: Kokichi Komoda

Assistant director: Yuya Nakaizumi

Special makeup: Kazuhide Simohata

makeup:Jyunko Hirabayashi

Production manager:Kounosuke Yoshida

Music:Nobuhiro Suzuki, Kailu Nagai

Producer:Koji Ichihashi

Production:Enbu Seminar

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