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Moon of a Sleepless Night

Takeshi Yashiro


Came from the "Moon"... "Squirrel"! ? "Let's go on an adventurous trip to the night forest where time has stopped!A fantasy drawn by puppet animation artist Takeshi Yashiro.

A boy and his family lived modestly in a forest with huge trees.
One night, when the boy couldn't sleep, his father said, "It's because the moon is stuck in the tree." The two enter the night forest to remove the moon, but the moon soon begins to move.
After a while, when the boy is unable to sleep again, the squirrel-shaped Moon Keeper suddenly appears. At the request of the "squirrel" to remove the stuck moon together, the boy sets out on an adventure in the night forest with the squirrel.

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Artist Profile

Takeshi Yashiro

Takeshi Yashiro

Born in Akita Prefecture in 1969.
Graduated from the Department of Design, Tokyo University of the Arts. While working as a commercial director for Taiyo Kikaku, he has worked mainly on live-action films, and has also worked with various methods of stop-motion animation.
In 2015, he launched TECARAT and shifted his focus to puppet animation. In addition to writing and directing, he also works on art, animation, and doll modeling. Emphasis is placed on textures created by hand, aiming for images unique to stop-motion animation.


Voice cast: Tomoki Laverne, Tamao Shingo, Ken Iwainofu, Izumi Sakurai, Shin Matsukawa, Shigeru Sugimoto
Script/Director/Animation: Takeshi Yashiro
Art/armature design/animation/photography: Ayako Hiroki
Art/Photography/Animation/Editing Assistant: Yasuko Abe
Photography and art: Yoshihiro Nose
Photography and art: Izumi Nakane
Production manager, cinematography, art: Megumi Kaneko
Photography and art: Takatoshi Taniguchi
Costume: Kuniko Tanaka
Online Editing: McCray
Editor: Tetsuo Shinji, Jun Sumikawa
CGI: Kunihiro Miyoshi
Music production: LOSIC
Music Producer: Masahiko Okumura
Composer: Akiko Hayashibe
Sound production:
S.C. Alliance
Sound design: Masayuki Yamamoto
Sound effects: Misato Oshio
Art/Photography/Cooperation: Sho Kondo, Yota Yasuda, Koji Kokubo
Star chart provided by: AstroArts, Tetsuya Toyoda
Dome Master Editing: Daisuke Tsuboi
Title design: Eri Kotaki
Screenplay cooperation: Masamichi Iuchi
Making photo: Takeshi Nobuhara
Making edit: Tadataka Maeda
Production desk: Toru Ishio
Production Manager: Naoko Taki
Distribution Producer: Jinnyo Asano
Producers: Masaaki Oikawa, Takanori Toyokawa, Yasuhiro Kusakabe
Production and writing: Taiyo Kikaku, Explorers Japan
2015 / Japan / Color / 27 min

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