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Pukkulapottas and Hours in the Forest

Takeshi Yashiro


The latest work drawn by puppet animation artist Takeshi Yashiro, who has won numerous film awards both in Japan and overseas. Received the "Noburo Ofuji Award" in the animation section of the 76th Mainichi Film Contest Received the "Noburo Ofuji Award" in the animation section of the 76th Mainichi Film Concours.

This video is a report on the mysterious creatures that ""I"" found in that year when the flow of people and goods stopped all over the world.
In the spring of that year, when people around the world were forced to stay at home, ""I"" also stopped commuting to the city and spent every day at home.
One day, ""I"" discover traces of a mysterious creature in the garden.
When I set up a surveillance camera and looked it up, it turned out to be a dwarf about 15 cm tall.
""I"" named this creature ""Pukkulapottas"" and devoted myself to its search.
However, as the world gradually regains its momentum, Pukkulapottas disappears from my eyes.
Is what you see with your eyes really the truth?
""I"" thinks through Pukkulapottas.

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Artist Profile

Takeshi Yashiro

Takeshi Yashiro

Born in Akita Prefecture in 1969.
Graduated from the Department of Design, Tokyo University of the Arts. While working as a commercial director for Taiyo Kikaku, he has worked mainly on live-action films, and has also worked with various methods of stop-motion animation.
In 2015, he launched TECARAT and shifted his focus to puppet animation. In addition to writing and directing, he also works on art, animation, and doll modeling. Emphasis is placed on textures created by hand, aiming for images unique to stop-motion animation.


Director: Kenji Yatsushiro
Screenplay / Direction / Animation: Kenji Yatsushiro
Production / Work: Sun Planning
2021/Japan/Color/16 minutes
©Taiyo Kikaku co, ltd.

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