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“Sunrise Vibration”

Shingo Ohta


The spread of the new COVID-19 In the midst of this situation, a musician stands up against the increasing number of people who complain of lack of exercise and mental illness due to the declaration of a state of emergency and voluntary restraint from going out. Lee Tabasco, who lives in the Kansai region, is an advocate and practitioner of "anal sunbathing" who works day and night to spread the word. He is an advocate and practitioner of "anal sunbathing," an action that exposes the anus to the sun's rays, which he says has an effect not only on the body but also on the mind. Lee is a man of conviction and action, and his circle of sympathy is gradually expanding. This is an entertaining documentary that literally shines a light on the anus, which has been hidden from humanity since the beginning of civilization.

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Accessibility of this work

In the “Audio guide by director and its subtitles + Barrier-free Japanese subtitles” tab, in addition to the spoken words and speaker’s name, there are subtitles with text of main sound information such as music and sound effects, audio commentary by director Ota, and audio guide and its subtitles that narrate visual information such as scenes and movements of people. In addition, there is an audio commentary by director Ota.
In the “Sign Language Interpretation + Japanese Subtitles” tab, you will find subtitles that show the spoken word or the name of the speaker and the spoken word in text, along with sign language interpretation.
In the “Barrier-free English subtitles” tab, in addition to the spoken word and the speaker’s name, there are English subtitles that show the main sound information such as music and sound effects in written form.


A film that shines a ray of hope into the anus. (Yosuke Kubozuka)

Artist Profile

Shingo Ohta

Born in 1985. Born in Nagano Prefecture. Majored in philosophy at Waseda University. His film “Graduation,” won the Excellence Award and Audience Award at IFF 2010. “The End of the Special Time We Were Allowed”, a film about a friend’s suicide, was released at YIDFF 2013 and distributed in 12 other countries. His fiction film “Fragile” had theatrical release in 2019. As an actor, he has appeared in stage and film too.


Director / Recording / Shooting / Editing / CG: Shingo Ohta
Producer: Qi Wei Chan
Cast: Lee Tabasco, Frying Dutchman, Dai Motoyama, Yuichi Sanaki, Eriko Higashikawa and others
Sound adjustment / mastering: Makoto Kubota
Produced by Kiyoshi Sakai
Design / Web Design: Chata

Organizer: Hydroblast
Cooperation: TokyoDocs, Taiwan Korea Film Culture and Arts Association

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