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True Colors DIALOGUE “All the Sex I’ve Experienced” –True Colors Festival –Super Diversity Arts Festival

Mamalian Diving Reflex / Darren O'Donnell


A story of sex and life told by seniors that will make you laugh and cry. A documentary play to encourage the youth!

Sex is not something that is talked about in public very often. However, to face sex and sexuality is to face yourself as you are, or True Colors. In this performance, a group of 60-year-olds gathered in response to the call "Can you tell me about sex? For this performance, five performers over the age of 60 and Mamalian Diving Reflex conducted workshops and interviews over a period of one month, reflecting on their personal histories of sexual experiences and creating a script. Using stories about sex as a starting point, these life-experienced seniors from diverse backgrounds, including disabilities and sexuality, will share their lives with real feelings and in their own words.
In addition, singer-songwriter Yo Irie selects popular songs from each decade and songs that the performers remember, turning the venue into a disco with mirror balls shining at times!
In this film, the life stories experienced by seniors are delivered to the younger generation as an important textbook for living that is not taught in schools. It will be a story of courage, but also the beginning of a dialogue between seniors and young people.

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Message from artist / creator

Darren O’Donnell
The older we get, the more we embrace our weaknesses and our true feelings, and the more we have the courage to communicate them openly, even at the risk of being hurt. This courage comes from the process of enduring life’s hardships and tragedies, and understanding that the true heart, with all its flaws, is universal and enduring. Life is a bitch, and we don’t die that easily. Yes, we live and live and live, and our eyesight fades, our hair thins, our muscles and joints and nerves reach their end, and our loved ones turn to dust. This kind of shit is not for those who lack the guts. But however, our world doesn’t appreciate unguarded true feelings, because it’s uncomfortable and tricky to see people’s weaknesses. By first starting to acknowledge our own vulnerability, we can have the courage to acknowledge the vulnerability of others as well, even if it seems like an insult at first.”

Artist Profile

Mamalian Diving Reflex / Darren O'Donnell

An art and research collective founded in Toronto in 1993, led by Canadian performance artist Darren O’Donnell. The group’s international collaborations with schools, nursing homes, community organizations, and art festivals have been called “Social Acupuncture. As a standard-bearer for socially-engaged art that creates works that promote dialogue among diverse audiences, between audience and material, and between performer and audience, she has conducted playful and provocative participatory projects around the world. His works have been performed in over 80 countries. In Japan, as part of the “Socially Engaged Art Exhibition” held at 3331 Arts Chiyoda in 2017, he presented “Haircuts by Children,” in which children who had received training in haircuts from professional hairdressers were entrusted to actually give haircuts to adults. At the same year’s KYOTO EXPERIMENT 2017, the “Children’s Choice Award” was held, where children acted as judges to select artists for the award ceremony.


Director/Screenplay: Mamalyn Diving Reflex / Darren O’Donnell
Production/Screenplay : Annalise Prodore
Production and Screenplay by Ryan Lewis
Production Intern/Screenplay: Kathy Vu
Environmental Design/Technical Guidance: Alice Fleming, Christian Horoshchak
Script Assistant: Nawang Radin

Cast: Seniors from Chiba, Toyama, Hyogo, Miyagi, and Tokyo


Sound Designer and Emcee: Yo Irie
Interpreter/translator, subtitler: Art Translators Collective (Nobuko Aiso, Kanoko Tamura, Hibiki Mizuno, Kyle Yamada)
Stage Manager: Yoshiko Haraguchi
Director: Yoshiyuki Shimizu, Kensuke Sugita
Lighting: Ayumi Kido
Sound: Atsushi Ukitake
Video and Subtitle Projection: Kei Uchida
Stage Sign Language Manager: Asako Hirokawa
Stage sign language interpreters: Hiroko Kato, Ichiro Hashimoto, Rika Mizuno
Stage sign language supervisors: Yoriko Kawai, Yumiko Kawai
Assistant stage sign language interpreters: Yukie Shimosaka, Mitsumi Mizufuji, Mika Takada
Voice guide: Kaori Saiki
Subtitle operator: Mizuki Tazawa
Project coordinator: Miki Nozaki
Accessibility Coordinator: Miyuki Tanaka


Main visual photography: Katsumi Omori
Rehearsal space photography: Ryohei Tomita


Planning and Production: precog Inc.
Director: Akane Nakamura
Producer: Tamiko Ouki
Senior Producer: Kumi Hiraoka
Chief Administrator: Yuka Morita
Project Manager: Hitomi Sato
Assistant Project Manager: Tomo Seto
Interns: Nana Shimogado, Yu Ueda, Yuka Okazawa
Accessibility Producer: Mai Hyodo
Accessibility Manager: Yuka Yatsu
Accessibility production assistant: Mei Hayashi


Public Relations: Haruka Murakami
Public Relations Desk: Asumi Kitahori
Voter: Shishido Madoka


Organizer: The Nippon Foundation DIVERSITY IN THE ARTS, precog Inc.
Supported by: Embassy of Canada
Supported by: Arts Council Tokyo, Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture
Special Cooperation: Kanayo Ueda, Takashi Otsuka, Taku Suzuki, Tatsuya Takagi, Tomoya Takeda, Tomoko Hayashi, Raku Nakahara, Takashi Usui, Ken Okamoto, Migiwa Kikuchi, Mako Suzuki, Rino Nakashima
In cooperation with: Theatre Accessibility Network (TA-net), City Lights, Chupki, Tanaka Performing Arts Studio, KYOTO EXPERIMENT
Venue cooperation: Wacoal Art Center Co.

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