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“Zipang Graffiti 1613-2011”

Theatrical company Warabi-za


"After the Keicho Tsunami of 1611, a ship crosses the ocean. Based on folk traditions and using a variety of expressions to portray the modern mind, the theater troupe ""Warabiza"" presents an original work that portrays the human condition from multiple perspectives against the backdrop of the historical events of the Keicho Sanriku Earthquake and the Keicho Mission to Europe that set sail from Ishinomaki two years later. The ups and downs and the spectacular structure of the stage are highly entertaining, as is typical of Warabiza, which makes full use of song, dance, and various physical expressions. The musical portrays people who have regained hope and are living their lives, overlapping the thoughts of recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake.

©︎Publicity art: Kazuyuki Shibuya (Shibuya Design Office)"

Basic information of the work

Screening time
104 minutes
1,000yen(tax include) Viewing Period 240hours / 10days
1,800 yen (tax included) / month
30,000 yen (tax included) / year * Other benefits are available
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There is no plan to end the distribution.

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Artist Profile

Theater Company WARABIZA

Founded in February 1951. A theater company that illustrates the modern mind with various expressions based on ethnic traditions. In recent years, they mainly produce their original musicals, focusing on Japan. Based in Senboku city, Akita prefecture, a place known as a treasure trove of folk songs, five performance groups currently perform about 800 times a year nationwide. They have performed in 16 countries including the United States, Europe, Asia, and Brazil.

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